Ink Me, but not on my Body. LOH #66

Asking what tattoo I would get right now, initially had me thinking that I wouldn't be able to participate in this contest. I was thinking, "I don't want any tattoo." One of the services that I offer at my salon is Saline Tattoo Removal. I often have clients come in so that they can get tattoos removed. Not only is the process painful, but it is also time consuming and expensive.

Women request to have tattoos removed/lightened mostly because they are tattoos of regret. I have helped to lighten gang initials, hearts on hips, tramp stamps, wording on feet and ankles, ex-spouse initials, and other tattoos that they got when they were "young and stupid." Because of my experience in helping to get rid of tattoos, it has cemented in my desire to never get a body art tattoo.

HOWEVER, I also offer the service of permanent makeup. They are also tattoos. They aren't conventional tattoos like body art, but any time that you are putting ink in the skin, it is a tattoo. They need to be refreshed, and fade, but are still tattoos. Typically, the permanent makeup tattoos that I do last a couple years, and then need to be refreshed. So, what would I get?


I would choose a lip tattoo. WHY? As we get older, the shape of our lips becomes less defined. Also, the color of our lips can fade. This lady that had come to me had very pale lips that always bothered her. She requested color and definition. She brought me a lip pencil to match as well.


I would like the same thing. I just want a lip tattoo that will set my lip shape and blend in some color. I would choose to have it be as close as possible to my lip color so that it would be hard to know I even had a tattoo. Then, I would have my definition refined and it also makes putting on lipstick, when you choose to, so much easier. The outline is all there for you.

This would be the tattoo that I would choose for myself. Now I tag @consciouscat to see what she would say.
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