We can't pay them back [LOH 148]

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When we come in to this world, our parents told us about things of the world, learned us many things, a children always ask what is this and his parents always tell the answer. But besides learn us everything they have responsibility of their child and they have to take care of their children too.

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From the first day of entering into this we're financially dependent on our parents till the day we want to do so......

when he's a child!!

Children have right that parents support them and give them good food, clothes, shelter and than give them proper education too which is the right of every children doesn't matter it's girl or boy because being human it's their right.

when he's a graduated person!!

A graduated person is actually become adult, although he's a child for his parents but actually he's adult after graduation. Some people give family responsibility to their child after graduation but some don't give responsibility to them after graduation. I think those parents are wrong here who doesn't give their child financial responsibility.

In my opinion parents should give them family responsibility to their children's after graduation because it's just the practice before entering into the practical life. Some children's are so much dependent on their parents that they know nothing about house, family and their responsibility.

It's not necessary that you ask your child to support the whole family but at least each parent should give them their own responsibility after graduation like they say now you're a graduated person and you've to take your responsibility and we'll always their to help you.

What would I do if I'll be in that position?

If I'm a parent of a graduated person than obviously I'll try to convince him to make a responsible man because in this way there'll be less problem for him/ her to understand about all these matters later. Actually he should know that how one can earn money and take control on them.

Some children's have no management about their finance's because whenever they ask Money to their parents, their parents give them, it doesn't matter how much money they ask! Later it become the cause of many problem and one major is about financial problem.

Me after graduation!

When i completed my graduation, i asked my dad to did a job and I want to support them financially but he didn't allowed me to do so, he said I'm here to support you financially. You need money you can ask me, doesn't matter how much! It's his love for me but I want to support him. But he didn't understand my point. But I succeeded to understand him my point of view and later I did job for few months before being a married woman.

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We can't pay them back!

If someone think that we can pay back money to our parents than in my point of view he's totally wrong because we can't pay them back. In my opinion even a doctor or a judge also can't pay them back because we can't pay them back what parents learned to us, so instead of being selfish we should stand with them when they need us.

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