Visit to Forest Park (LOH 143)

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As this week we've a topic related to summer holidays in ladies of Hive community. I want to share my experience and try to answer of both questions!!!

As it's the time of summer vacation here in our country and many others countries too so we all prefer to visit somewhere in these holidays.

Question # 1

Being a woman my responsibilities during family travel!!!

I'm the elder sister among siblings so it's my responsibility to pack up everything when we've to travel anywhere. Packing ain't easy thing especially when you're going to out of home for many day's. Before one day of travelling, i packed unpack the bag's many times to see if anything is missing or not.

This summer i visited to my aunt (Mom's sister) house after 8 year's because she's living far from our house and life didn't allowed me to visit her house. We met with each other at family get together but i never visited to her house after 2015. But this year i planned to visit her house with my sister's.

My siblings are always ready to visit anywhere but they always said me to packed their things for vacation and i really feel like a burden sometimes on me. A day before travelling i started to packing but when i had done this, my sister's are asked me to keep their stuff properly in bag's. One is asking about her shawl, one is asking about her shirt or Jean's and at the end I've to check all the bag's again to satisfied them.

The most necessary thing is to keep headphones, mobile charge, tooth brush and many others girls stuff. Charges are so necessary thing that my grandma asked to me that you keep it in your bag or not.

Last minute before leaving the home, I've to check charger of mobile because without it our visit may disturb.

Question # 2

My last family holidays

Maybe some of you noticed that i wasn't active on Hive in the 1st ten day's of July, i was on my vacation actually. We went to our Aunt house and with her i visited to the park which was nearest to her home. She's living in Talumba which is on Multan side. Because it's far from Faisalabad but now motor way make it easy to travel a long distance too.

It's Forest park but it's written in our mother language

Duck's placed inside to welcome the tourist

A round swing for children's

A bridge inside the park

We visited to Forest Park one evening when weather was good. I like the park because there's a small lake in that park and we can enjoy the boating too there. There's two duck's placed near the main gate which welcome us to the park.

There's many swing's too for children but we don't prefer to take a ride on those because we're not child anymore lol.

There's two types of boat. The one is pedal boat and the other is motor boat. Ticket of one person to ty boat is just 0.50$. But there's a fix price of any ride in that park which i like the most. And the prices are also affordable that everyone can enjoy the ride.

It's me in the collage, the first picture is a random click, I don't know that someone is trying to capture me but the second picture is captured on my own choice.

We stayed there for almost three hours and it's after sunset view

  • That's all for today and it's my entry to LOH 143. Thank you @nainaztengra for beautiful questions. I always love to answer those questions which are related to travelling.

Thank you for your time and support 💫🤍

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