Life changing hack (LOH 135)

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Today I'm here again and gotta chance to write on a topic which is my most favorite topic of discussion, i love to speak on it but in real life i never gotta chance to talk about on it because i don't have people in my real life who wants to listen about it. But thank you to @brittandjosie who give us such topic.


Life hack which change my life
Firstly i want to tell you that i belong to a family who is well settled financially. But I'm the kind of person who wants to become financially strong by my own not by inherited. My father is a well settled person he has much money that he never wants to do me a job!!!! My husband is a well settled person too that i don't need to do a job!!!

  • But i want to become independent and that's not happening if i don't become financially strong!!!

I'm an asian girl and mostly asian girls depends on father and than on husband and keep herself busy in house chores and obey their order but i want to do something different. I don't like such kind of lifestyle.

So, here I'm going to tell you what i did to change my life?

When i completed my graduation i asked to my father that i want to do a job and he said why i need a job??? I keep silent and repeat that thing to my Mom but she replied the same that if you have rest in life than why you want to be it restless??? But i convinced her that mom i want to become independent , i want to take my decision. I don't want to ask someone to ask money.

No one was with me!!!

Family support is everything but i don't have that. That's hurting to me but it's okay because it's life.

But i follow just these two rules

  • Do whatever you want to do

  • Never listen to other, doesn't matter they're my homies or other.

Do whatever you want to do!!

This helps me the most, it's my life so it should be my choice what i want to do, i went to different places to submit my CV and give a demo too after that they called to me and i finally start a job.
But, nothing was solved because I've to listen to rumours!!! People trolls me in different ways and I've bear all these bullies. They're thinking I don't obeyed my Perants and I'm not an obedient child. They think i love money but they're wrong. Because i want to earn it, i want to know how much it's difficult to earn money. But no one get my point.

Never listen to others!

If i start to listen them than I'll never be successful in my mission so i stop to listen them. I know there's a Time in my life when i hurt my mom and dad too, because i didn't listen to them too.

  • That was stubborn attribute of me

Now, even my husband never stopped me to do a job, because he know i can manage it. Still I've much thing's to do better in this case but i think it'll take time and i only need patience.

  • Later with the time things will back to normal, but it takes almost year's to settle all the things, but now I'm at that point that mostly people think i did the good thing. I fought for myself and i was alone to fight and win this battle.

That's all for today and my entry to this week loh challenge. I see many entries but the entey of @nainaztengra and @irenenavarroart inspired me most. Read their entries too.

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Thank you for your time and support

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