Clock tower of Faisalabad [LOH #150]

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Every place has some history, obviously past become history too when there's a certain incident happened. The city in which i live is famous for industrialization but yes it's a historical place too which is it's identity.

My city!

I'm living in the Faisalabad which is the city of the Pakistan, it's the third largest city of Pakistan and also know as the Manchester of Pakistan too. It's famous for industrialization and textile industry. But there's a place in faisalabad which is it's identity. There's many restaurants in faisalabad even you can find every type of restaurant here from high prices to low prices too.

Photo by Animesh Paul:

Clock tower of Faisalabad

Faisalabad has a clock tower which is also a landmark of Faisalabad and city is also identified due to this landmark. Clock tower is famous spot in faisalabad which is always crowded with people. Clock tower was built in British colonical era and it's the landmark which built in such a way that it intersect eight bazar (Bazaar mean market). You can find anything here in those eoght bazar. Many old shop's are in eight bazar with good quality.

Eight bazar (market) of faisalabad!

There are eight bazar of faisalabad with many shops, but yes variety is specific for each bazar.

  • Katchary bazaar is famous for court as it's name also indicate the court (katchary)
  • Rail bazar is famous for Gold, although many people can't enter in gold market because there's a lot of gold in the market and whenever i went to rail bazar i see a rule that a few Can enter in bazar due to robbery cases.
  • Aminpur bazar is famous for books and stationary luggage, it's my favourite bazar because i can find my favorite books from here in cheap rate.
  • Montgomery Bazar is famous for traffic update and about the road construction and updates.
  • Bhawana bazar is famous for luggage of electronics.
  • Chaniot bazar is famous for medicine and clothes shops.
  • Jhang bazar is famous for high quality fashion and clothing. You can find fruit and dry fruits too in jhang bazar.
  • Aurangzeb bazar is famous for food and for kitchen utensils.

There's a variety of things in these bazar, although people from different city came to faisalabad for shipping. I was once shoked to know that people from Islamabad also come to faisalabad for shipping.

I remember when my mother visit to her family, she always buy some clothes to gift them as she said that Faisalabad is the city of clothes so why not gift something which is famous is faisalabad. And the one thing we get clothes in cheap rate too while now as because of inflation nothing is cheap.

The fact!

I never use camera in those eight bazar or in clock tower because there's always a huge crowd of people and i feel awkward to capture picture and mostly i prefer to keep my phone in home.
Mostly people lost in crowd
And believe me people lost their in huge crowd like i went there with my friend but suddenly she disappeared from my eyes and lost in the crew than I've to find her by doing an announcement in speaker.

  • That's all for today and it's my entry for this week LOH contest too in loh # 150 and thank you @tibaire for giving an historical topic to write.

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