Believe in yourself [LOH 163]

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As humans are different from each other similar we Ladies or girls are also different from each other. Some of us can't tolerate other hurt's them while some fought with bravery. This week in ladiesofhive contest I'll love answer first question as self defense attract me the most.

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Self defense!!!!

Every one need care aself care is most important and self defense also a term of self care. Being a girl I was shy till my childhood but as i grow older i learned only one thing that only me can save me from threat's. Till the age of sixteen i was like everyone hurt's me and i was quite there's no action From my side but now I'm totally change, if someone hurt's me I'll give some reaction too doesn't matter either it's physically or psychologically.

How I change myself???

As we know with time people change but i think we should have to do something to change ourselves. I don't know the first step i took for myself but i know that with the passage of time i learned to fight for myself. There's a few cases when someone hurt me physically but if someone hurt me than I'll hurt him or her back within the speed of nano second.

In the case of psychological threats I never try to burden those stuff on me and try to ignore as much as possible because people always try to hurt us but it's actually us who try to avoid from such people.

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The important thing's we should remember!!!

  • In self defense we've to believe on ourselves and on our limbs that they'll help us
  • we've to prepare our mind for every action.
  • If we go out for home than it must be a necessary thing that we should prepare our mind for every action
  • we should be aware from our surrounding.
  • You should be risky too to defend yourself because sometimes in order to defend yourself the opposite person can hurt you more.

That's all for today and it's also for this week ladiesofhive contest # 163. You can also give your entry to this week contest here.

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