A short story of history of world 🌍 (LOH 132)

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Hello to Respected ladies of Hive

It's another week we have here with a round of another interested question by @irenenavarroart and i want to tell about the last book i read which maybe you also like

The last book i read

I start to read A short history of the world by Christopher lascelles. It's included in my favorite book list, although the list is very long but this book is really very comprehensive and provided a short and quik knowledge about history.

Why I like this book??

If anyone wants to know the answer of questions about history about every event occurred in history then this book is worth reading.


You can take a quick review of it's content and also see that there's a map of everything. I like this idea of show a map so that it's very easy to understand.

In short words

  • It's a journey of early man to modern man that how his life become change and how all the evolution take place with time.

Mostly i read books which are long and they explain the events in ver detail, but in this book you see only to the point thing and you can read about every event in this book.

If you're also looking forward to read and Know about history then I'll suggest you this book as I think it's a master piece of Christopher lascelles.
Although it's a shorter book but i can't complete this in a single sitting, i completed it in four days and ingest this slowly 😃

  • That's all for the contest and for today writing, lemme know if you're also addicted to book reading 😉

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Think you for your time and support 💫🤍

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