Who Doesn't Like Moonlit Nights?

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Was thinking what to write? Suddenly something girly appear in my mind. Actually I'm not sure about men but my maximum female friends are fond of moonlit nights and I'm one of them. Who doesn’t like moonlit?

I guess everyone like it but there are few who feel the light of moon and feel like having shower of the soft or dim light. Moon is opposite to the sun though light behind the moon we know its sun. Sun show it’s angry look and become romantic at night so often spread the moonlit allover the world.

How many of you become poet and romantic in moonlit? I think couples get the best moment for love in moonlit nights. I've a dream that one day it will be moonlit night when me and my hubby will open our window at home and our home will be lighten by moonlit and we will sitting together and will gossip a lots of things, will feel warm in his arm, will dance together with the soulful music. we will starting to the moon untill we feel sleepy.

For me this is the best time for a couple to be closer. A sweet kiss and hug would be great. I love moonlit since my childhood days. I can see clearly the face near me in moonlit night. It doesn’t shine so bright like sun but still something magical in it. I feel like I'm in the heaven and enjoy the silence and peace which is golden! A lot of dreams connected to a beautiful moonlit night as I prefer having a dinner in moonlit night.

Having a romantic beautiful moonlit night should be included in couple goals and its already added in my list for my hubby. Someday we can experience the peaceful moonlit and we can spend one more day of love together. Hope the day knock our door soon. Can you feel the magic of moonlit, do you really feel the way I do? Do you feel romantic or poetic? Feel free to share as comment. Your opinion on it does matter to me. Thanks!

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