Ladies of Hive Community Contest #124 : Spices and herbs are often used for medicinal purposes

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Home remedies have been used for ages and you may wonder that I still believe on them. There are some spices or ingredients that always found in our home kitchen that can be use as medicine and these spices still work for both prevention and cure.

We all know that prevention is better than cure so whenever the season start changing and I can predict that I can affected by cold, I try some home remedies and that is very easy-peasy to make. I love home remedies to apply and it works on me really effectively if I apply it on time.

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There are many spices that we use regularly preparing our tasty yummy meals but it has more health benefits that our great great grandparents used and we learned from them. For me the mostly used spices or ingredients are: Ginger, garlic, turmeric, clove, cardamom, onion, lemon and many more I can't recall them all.

There are many spices or ingredient use as medicine and honestly I love them all and its hard for me choosing one but I have to choose one and you already know the name from the pictures above. And you absolutely get me right, I'm going to talk about ginger which has great contribution to my wellness. Let me talk about it more.

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What kind of spice ginger is, what health benefit it does have you all can find them around the internet but that's not my purpose of this post. I'm going to talk about what Ginger did to me and why I choose this as my favourite spice amongst all.

Ginger save me from the suffering from cold, sore throat and seasonal changing disease appear among us. Ginger is powerful and it help me to get relief from cough and I add honey with it. People used to have ginger tea but I prefer warm water with ginger.

Beside this ginger help me make my period regular. Yes, I have issue of getting delay of period and how much this is important for a lady I've no need to explain right ladies? I get regular period whenever I miss the date I boil ginger into the water and consume warm ginger water like tea or coffee and you know what I've never used any medicine to get a regular period in my entire life and I still use this home remedy when I'm 30 plus. I suggest my friends to apply this home remedy to get a happy period each month.

Actually all ingredients are my favourite like I consume garlic, raw turmeric, honey and many more spices to get relief from several health issues.

Thanks Ladies, Have fun

Inviting my friends in ladies of hive to take part in this contest : Ladies of Hive Community Contest #124 arranged by @ladiesofhive and co partner @ecency , thank you all..!!

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