Entry For LOH Community Contest #126 : A society of all women!

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Hello ladies, Today I'm taking part to the weekly contest by @ladiesofhive and fine more about the contest here: Ladies of Hive Community Contest #126

Can I say a sorry to you all ladies? I'm sorry because I can't imagine a society of only men or only women. As a woman, I believe that we are incomplete without the men and at the same time I also believe men are incomplete without we women. The society of only men or only women both sounds weird to me.

Many of you may don't like my statement but this is the what I feel, this is the who I am. I love men because for me men are faithful, obedient, loveable, helpful, cute, funny, loving, caring and adorable. Its true that many men are not good in society and they don't know how to treat their women but It doesn't mean that all men are bad.

Likely, women are also good and they can be the best friend, sweetheart and darling for the same gender but can't be replace with the men. I've a strong attraction to opposite gender but it doesn't mean I'm against to my same gender. Women are good as we all came to this earth with the help of a woman whom I know as mother. So we are thankful.

Men are good and should be part of a society and we can't make a discrimination. Nature decide the best and I want a society where men and women believes in equalities and both are concern about giving mutual rights and respect all the time.

For me A society of all women is wired and I don't want to live in such society where only women exist. Men can be the best friend and many men in our society treat their women like queen and princess. I can't ignore them who knows how to treat a woman. A society can be beautiful only when men and women treat them with love and respect. I dream for an amazing society where men and women share life and live with peace forever.

I respect the decision of our creator as he creates both we women and men to complement each other and we can feel the emptiness if we stay apart from them. Men as father, son, brother, uncle, friend can be the best friend of we women and we women are also can be the best friend of them. We are not enemies and a society can't be complete without the contribution of both.
That's all I believe! Thank you!

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