LOH CONTEST #111 // My way of managing stress

Hello my beautiful people on @ladiesofhive community, how are you all doing during this holiday period. I hope you are doing great with your loved ones. It's great to be here again this week we want to talk on;

What is your formula for managing stress and becoming overwhelmed, if you've experienced it, during the holiday season?


As we all know that holiday time is family time , it is the time to have fun with our family and friends and it is an opportunity for some to relax but at the same time, it also come with some stress and to manage the stress and become overwhelm.

To feel overwhelmed during the holiday means we are not alone and that is why we should not commit ourselves to more than what we can manage. I don't try to do more than myself and I always asked for help from people around me. There are always much to do during that period of the year, more cooking, more cleaning and more shopping to do and doing it all alone can be more stressful.

Planning is what makes things alot easier for me at this time of the year. It helps me to look at what I have committed myself to, what my expectations are, what I need and the right size of it then set the a realistic timeline for them and doing this can help to reduce stress.

Also, I only focus on things that are within my control even though there are some that are beyond control but I don't stress myself with them and that will make me be in control of my time and boundaries and enjoy the holiday experience overall.


I always take a break and create time for myself to sleep as that is the most important way to manage my stress level, I don't know for others but that is for me and if I didn't sleep I will listen to a cool music from my playlist.

Thanks for checking on my blog and have a wonderful day ahead

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