LOH CONTEST #100 // Be vigilant and never fall victim of online dating scam

Hello my lovely people from this platform, it's another @ladiesofhive community contest and I'm happy to be here again, hope you are all doing great. This week I will like to talk about question two which is;

What will you do to avoid being a victim of dating scams online?

Many people have fall victim of dating scammer on social media while some find true love but the percentage of people who find true love through online dating site is minimal to the percentage of people who got scammed all in the name of quest for companionship but unfortunately, they end up with heart break and an empty pocket.

Nobody is perfect but at the same time we have to be cautious, one thing I know is that this scammers are like a pest, they feed off their host vulnerability. They will setup a fake but attractive online profile in other to attract their victim using fake identity, and once they mark their potential match they will start an artificial romance.

They will form emotional attachment with their victim and under the pretend of knowing each other more, they will share personal information switching from dating site to texting and all that but will do as much as possible to avoid video chat. They will play the game of love for as long as their victim won't even doubt it if they told them they need financial help and from there they will enter their victim and they will start asking for money and other things given a manipulative excuses.

You can't say it can't happen to you because not everybody they scam is on social media for love, all we have to do is to be vigilant, when dealing with someone you know nothing about, don't give out your personal information like your ID number, account number or any other information that are sensitive. Never rush into any online relationship because real things are very rear online that is what I have learned so far. I've never been a victim but I've heard about many victim who lost all their life savings from this disastrous online love affair.

Thanks for checking on my blog and have a wonderful day

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