LOH #163// Women also need self defense

In the society we are today, it is really unfortunate and also true that risk situation is not an uncommon situation for women and that is why it is very important to be well prepared to face any physical and phycological threats regardless of gender, we need to prioritize our safety and well-being. Nobody pray to find themselves in a dangerous situation, but it's better to be prepared than to regret.


As a woman, we also need a self defense training in order to empower us against any dangerous situation we might find ourselves and also it will serve as a powerful tool to protect ourselves in time of need. Self defense training will equip women with he knowledge and skills to protect ourselves and also boost our confidence and sense of security.

There was a time back then when I was still in secondary school, most of the friend I have then was a male because I like their activities and anytime they are doing training I was always there with them, watching them train and at times join them. I count all this as a child play but it was eventually useful for me.

I would have been a rape victim if not for the little knowledge I have about self defense, all the time of my training with the boys actually saved me because I was able to protect myself from a devil call a man. All we need is a little knowledge and the rest is a trick and as we all know we women are full of tricks.

There are some women who are more stronger than men in many ways, and some of us are really fragile and in other not to be a victim of such a dangerous situation, we need to always prepare ourselves no matter how little it may be, a little self defense technique will not hurt.

For women, physical self-defense techniques should focus on practical maneuvers that are effective and easy to execute, even in high-stress situations. Techniques such as strikes to vulnerable areas, you know what that means, joint locks, and defensive positioning can give women the ability to defend themselves if necessary. But we shouldn't forget and it is also important to remember that the primary goal of self-defense is to escape the dangerous situation and seek for help, instead of engaging in prolonged physical confrontation with the perpetrator.

And I think by prioritizing safety and undertaking appropriate preparation to protect ourselves, women can significantly reduce the likelihood of being paralyzed in threatening situations.

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