LOH #131 // Can I be materialistic just for once

Hello my beautiful ladies of give, it's great to be here again and thanks to @irenenavarroart for giving us this amazing question for this week's #Ladiesofhive community contest. Let talk about this topic.

1️⃣ Material things are not the most valuable thing in life, however, there are material things that bring joy to our days. Show us something unnecessary but makes you happy — it can be a simple toy or even a cup with a design that you love, and please tell us the story behind that object.

We never can tell from which angle we can find happiness, it might be from what we least expected and what give me happiness and joy might be meaningless to others.

There is this earring that I have for over 5 years now, it was the last gift from my grandma. She gave it to me for the last Eid al Kabir that we did together before her death. After her death, my aunty and uncles are in possession of her things and I was not given any so that is the only thing that I have that remind me of her.

Anytime I look at the earrings, I will just smile because it reminds me of how loving and caring she was when she was still alive. Even though the earrings are old, I can't bring myself to throw it out because of the love I have for it.

Even though my grandma is no more, I still have what remind me of her and I can't just throw it out even if it is old, I'm still using it till today. Someone once told me that the earrings is old that I should just throw it away but NO I will continue using it. I don't care about what anybody say, it's my thing afterall.

Thanks for checking on my blog and have a wonderful day

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