LOH #118 // Where I want to live


Hello my beautiful people here on this amazing community, happy New week. I wish you are doing great in your various places, it's good to be here with you again and once again welcome you to my blog.

This week questions are very interesting and I want to answer this one first;

1️⃣ If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and why?

If I was asked about where I want to live anywhere in the world, I really have a lot of favorite and preferable places I want to live, it will be a good sentiment to live in one country but from my non sentimental view.

At first,I have interest in travel and live in Canada not because of anything but because of the love I have for it but someone said if you have money the most preferable place to live in Canada is BC or Toronto but the cost of living is somehow high.

So If I changed my preference and my choice of place to live will be Netherlands and if I was asked again I will say San Francisco. I have never been to any of this places before but it won't be bad to check what we have been hearing about them does it?.


Above all the places I've mentioned before, I would love to live in a place where there is serenity, peace and quiet. A place where I can learn, grow and at the same time experience about the world, a place where I won't be judge for who I am, a place where i can live in unison with the nature and we will not harm each other, somewhere I can be treated like a human being and not been criticize.

In this life, nothing is perfect but there are countries that their cultures have a great to offer and that is why it's hard to choose but anywhere is good so far I can live with my family peaceful.

To the second question;

2️⃣ Where would you like to be in five years? Where do you see yourself?

In five years to come, I know my life will be better than now so there are many things I will like to achieve and there are places I want to see myself. I like to be able to remain on the blockchain and grow both my hive account HP and create more quality content.


I want to see myself being financially stable, and not to worry much about where to get money to do most of the things I desire. In five years I want most of my dream to be actualize.

I will like to be able to be supportive to those that might need me and be the best mother to my children. Be able to travel around is part of my dream and I hope I can achieve it by then. Life is not really predictable but meeting new people and learn a lot of new things will be achievable with me be Financial freedom.

Thanks for checking on my blog and have a wonderful day

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