LOH #109 // Death is unavoidable

Hello to you my lovely people on this amazing community, how are you doing today. I hope you are doing great in your various places. We have amazing topic to talk about this week and it all thanks to @ladiesofhive community for giving us opportunity to be able to express what we hold inside and share it with every one. This week, I will like to answer the second question;

Death is an unusual topic of conversation, but remembering death makes us appreciate life. If this were your last birthday, how would you like to celebrate it and why?


Death is a topic that very few people like to talk about because of the fear of leaving our loved ones behind but death is unavoidable. It is not what we can decide or have power over, when our time is due we will definitely leave everything behind. Talking about death prepare our mind and help us to to know that
it will happen one day. Losing a loved ones makes me to realize that nothing will last forever including what we like the most, even if we don't want to it , death will surely come to us one day and it makes me appreciate every moment of my life.

Thinking about it, who knows when it is their time to die or when their last moments will be, even if we were told, we won't believe it. I remember very well sometimes January 2020 when my dad was telling us that he won't be around till the end of that year that we should do whatever we want to do before his time is up but nobody believe him, we even joke with him asking if the angel of death have visited him but true to his word, he doesn't last till the end of that year and that bring me to think what if this birthday is going to be my last birthday, how will I spend it and why.


The answer to that question is very simple, I will like to celebrate it with my family and loved ones, it might not mean much to me because I'm going to leave anyways but it will means a lot to the people I will be leaving behind. Leaving them with a lots of good memories and happy moments for them to be remember is the best I can do.

If possible, I will like to do everything I have on my bucket list, taking a tour around the places I like the most and do whatever I want to do without having any regret. Life is too short to keep postponing what we want to do, why not do it today because tomorrow might not come.

Thanks for checking on my blog and have a wonderful day

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