[LOH 133] Uncovering Men Lies About Women

If the truth must be told both genders have some lies they believe about other gender and I think it's not fair for us to always assume wrongly or treat the other gender badly because of the false beliefs we have about them.

Men have countless lies they believe about women and the most annoying of them is that women have to live under the shadow of men. This article is not about claiming equality but it hurt when I think of the fact that women are expected to throw away their lives once they get into marriage.

This belief is the reason why many men around the world believe that their women must remain indoor to do chores, care for their husband and children. What's wrong with all the education I spent about 15 years of my life acquiring, every woman has a role to play beyond chores and must be given the right to do things aside from what men believe that they must do.

It's so annoying that even religion back woman living as an object in the house. It is okay to be submissive and respectful but what is with a woman not having a say in her home? Because she is a woman, her opinion doesn't count.

Majority of the men out there won't want a man to treat their female children the way they treat their wives which proves that majority of them know the truth but they just intentionally turn a blind eye to it.

As a woman, I can be independent. I don't need to look up to a man before I buy seasoning to cook but to some men, it becomes a problem to them when their woman starts making money. They assume that she will become uncontrollable and the question is that are women meant to be controlled initially?

I experienced an ugly scene a few months ago and it is hard to get the experience out of my head.

A woman was beaten by her husband's younger brother because he disrespected her and abused her. She fought back and the whole family faulted her for fighting back. The husband ordered her to apologize and I was cold, I wish I had powers to intervene for the woman.

She was obstinate and when the husband started threatening her, she had to bend to his wish. The husband is obsessed with having control over his wife which I find annoying because it is the same with many men out there. Would he have allowed his daughter to beg a man who beat her up?

This is something I don't enjoy talking about and I wish that men who do away with these lies.

Thanks for reading.

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