What she wanted out of life (LOH contest #163)


There's this person that lives in my area, she stays with her visually impaired aunty and she attends college which is in our community. When she was done with college her aunty who could barely move around without asking for assistance told her that she can't continue going to school after she was done with college.

They couldn't afford to sponsor her to the university because according to them even the college she attended was much of borrowing from people just to see her finish college and she just have to stop school for now and work for atleast 4-5years before she could raise up some money to continue school, that's if she still have school in mind by then.

If I had the opportunity this December to give something to give something material without a price limit to a single person, we barely speak with this girl but I hear people always gossiping about them in the area, I would love to give her money to continue school like to sponsor her to any university of her choice so that she would become something great in the future tomorrow.

I always see this zeal in her for school and I wouldn't want her to loose interest in school after staying a long while at home before going back. Some people would have prefer to be given some pairs of shoe, some would have wanted Christmas clothes, some even vacations to go to any place of their choice but this girl really need to go to school but the funds is not there.

So the material thing I would love to give her is funds for her school throughout the university so that she could achieve her dreams and be someone great tomorrow.

My sincere gratitude goes to irenenavarroart for this wonderful topic and an opportunity to participate this week.
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