Such an adorable baby ( LOH contest #133)


Everyone surely do have childhood friends and it's memories, mine was filled with lot's of friends but despite that I still had my close friends. I had friends in church, at home, in the school and so on, I had a friend who was in my church and also in my school we were close.

We were the same tribe, though we didn't complete the same secondary school because her parent later changed her we still met in church. I wouldn't say I know her too well but one thing I was sure about her was that she was quite, she was from a Christian home. We all saw her like the righteous one among us all because she definitely acted like one, after secondary school we all waited at home pursuing our university admissions.

She was a beauty young lady and men kept hanging around her, one thing lead to another and she got pregnant. Well according to her she didn't know she was pregnant until after five months, she didn't see her period throughout this five months and she thought it was infection.

She said she wanted going to buy a pregnancy test but she couldn't because almost every chemist around knew her mother so she was scared that they would tell her but when it got to the fifth month she couldn't hold it anymore ofcourse she was anxious so she told one of her friend that his dad had a pharmacy to give her pregnancy test.

He asked who was going to use it and she told him it was for someone else so he gave her and she used it, that was when she found out that she was pregnant. We all didn't know she was pregnant until she gave birth because we didn't see her for awhile, anyone who heard her story told her she was careless to the extent of staying until the fifth month before finding out.

She gave birth to a baby girl though it wasn't in the ninth month it was before the ninth month, there was nothing she could do but to accept her fate what was left to say was "if only". You know what they say all things happens for a reason maybe God had a plan for her but who knows.

What marveled me was the strength she had that kept pushing her forward ofcourse people talked about her both her friends but she kept going, I might not be there with her always but I know she has her own weak point moments she would just weeps but Infront of everyone she was a strong young lady trying to survive.

Luckily for her she was still in her father's house, many stories I heard it's either the lady is given to the guy that got her pregnant or she is driven out of the house but her case was different she was still accepted with love, I guess she might even be used as an example in other people houses, she must have been mocked or ridiculed but she knew better days was ahead and that she couldn't give up.

So my advice to all the single mothers out there is to just keep holding on and keep pushing, we can't turn the hands of time but we can change the hands of destiny, hard times would surely come but just look at the brighter side of life.

Surely I wouldn't understand what my friend is passing through but I know not for once did she give up, she must have done something bad but am sure she had learn from her mistakes. Life still have beautiful things in stuck for you, you just have to keep pushing inorder to unveil it.

That's a little story about my friend and I just hope anyone lady reading it would learn from it.
Thanks for having to share this experience with me.

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