My special cup (LOH #contest 132)


I could still remember the shouts from everybody in the hall that day, it was like the whole world was joyful telling me congratulations. I guess you might be thinking of what am saying, well let's reverse back to where it all started.

I was still in secondary school then we were preparing for our WAEC and NECO and we were still looking forward to our upcoming graduation, we had preparations on ground and other stuffs we were looking forward to.

All our internal and external exams came and it eventually passed, it was an experience of once in a lifetime where you would exhibit seriousness, anxiety, fear of coming back to write again and other things that are included it all came and eventually passed.

We were done and dusted with them and our focus was now in our upcoming graduation, we planned on the cloth we would sew as uniform together, the money we contribute and all other things. We were drawing near the D-Day and you could see the excitement on our faces.

The day finally arrived and we were all glittering dressed in our sewed clothes and graduation gown, the event took places and the normal procedure of a ceremony took places until it reached the time for giving gifts and we were all eagerly waiting for it.

The best in mathematics English and all the rest were called out until it reached the turn for the best in both Art and science for the out going student, science class was called out first before the art class own. The last thing I could remember was the overall best in art class is.... And I heard my name been mentioned.

I was surprised as I walked up to the stage to collect my gifts, it was congratulations I could hear everywhere and cheers of joy with a standing applause all for me, I saw my mum running to the stage to take a picture with me. Everywhere was calm as the ceremony was over and we headed back home.

Getting home I opened my gifts and saw a cereal cup with my name written in it, I was so happy because that cup brought back memories to me. I dropped the cup specially aside for special occasion.

It's an honor to have gone through this experience with each one of you, do have a wonderful week ahead.

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