My passion my peace (LOH contest#134)


Sometimes you really don't know what you are good at because you seem to try everything around you and it works out fine for you but when you realize your passion about something like what you drive joy in doing, you will just feel peace within.

That was how it felt when I gradually started, at first I didn't like the idea of trying to study deaf language (sign language) but my mom told me it was best and that it would really be of help to me, I just decided to put my interest in it and see how far I would go, I realized that there was really much to it than I already know like there's more to learn and to know from studying the language.

I started developing interest for the course, I started researching more of it, I grew interested in it I wanted to know more, I wanted to learn more and I wanted to communicate with this impaired persons more fluently, you know when you start learning something it's a gradual process you won't know everything at once that's how I started.

You could just imagine the everyday study, the everyday trying to learn a new word and make it stock in the head, I saw other people expert in it and I said to myself I would reach that level one day, you know when I first started like I knew little little signing in the deaf language I entered the market one day and I met someone who was an hearing impaired person so I greeted the person using sign language and the person was extremely happy that I could communicate with him.

Even though I couldn't sign most of the things I wanted to ask him I was still happy I could talk with him alittle and ask him what brought him to the market, after that day I determined to do better and learn more I wanted to be good at what I was doing so I focused more, it became my passion I always derive joy whenever I learnt a new word.

Sometimes I even find myself signing on the road while walking alone, in my room even in church when sermon is going on I tend to try and interpret what the preacher is saying even though I don't know how to sign most of the things they are saying, I realize that these people need love too.

They need to feel wanted, loved and cared for and just by communicating with them in the language they understand makes them feel free around you, at that moment they would want to discuss everything with you.

I felt I had felt I have a passion in giving these less privileged children those privileges that other normal children gets, "abilities in disabilities" "we can talk with our hands" those are most of there logos.

I really feel happy sharing these with you guys 😊, thanks for giving me your time and attentions.

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