My free time ( LOH contest #131)


At the mention of Free time all I can think of is freedom! Freedom!! Freedom!!! Like am having my freedom from working always having to do almost everything even when others have done it, it would still seem like they haven't done it well to your satisfaction.

Don't get the wrong impression, everyone works in my house and by everyone I mean my brothers and my sister, we all do the work collectively but when my sister left for school I had to be the one supervising the boys so the would do theirs perfectly for instance when I ask one of them to wash the dishes the tend to rush washing it thereby in washing it anyhow and the plates would be kept half washed, you would still see some spots of dirty.

Let me not bore you with all those long talks but that's why am celebrating when I get my space and free time, my free time are mostly spent in watching movies that makes me relax my nerves down anytime am stressed and also it's spent in making my hair which I normally do after two or perhaps three weeks.

And least I forget I have these amazing set of people that I spend my free time with, I call them my sisters we tend to be neighbors we grew up together. When we are together we have lots of fun doing stuffs like gisting, talking about great things because what girls mostly do is to talk.

Another basic thing I love to do in my free time is to read novels, interesting one at that inspiring and good ones but I don't do that often just occasionally, I also type stuffs which I post on hive during my free time I type them to post later or even at the moment it depends.

So that's how I spend my free time doing little stuffs like that and many more that if I start explaining I won't be able to finish so this is the few I could mention.

Thanks for your time and for reading through, your comments would be really appreciated.

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