My best act (LOH contest #136)


Memories are wonderful thing

When I saw this topic I just smiled because deep down within me I have a lot of memories to share but I was lost as to which one to share with you guys here, Indeed memories are wonderful thing because sometimes we could only be left with memories and pictures to remember.

I wanted to exclude this one but it was so tempting that i couldn't, we were all kids and we knew little or less of what we did whether knowing or unknownily so I would say I did this out of childishness, my mum sent me on an errand and I decided to play a fast one on my brother.

I called him from where he was playing and told him that mom said he should get her something in the nearby shop so he toke the money and innocently ran off to get it, I on the other hand waited for him patiently by the door side and immediately he got back I told him that he should give it to me let me give it to her by myself while he run along to continue playing.

And he gave it to me and ran off, back then I would say it's braveness but right now all I see is my selfish act and I would just laugh to it 😁, though it wasn't really a good memories but to me it was those good old days when I had less of worries, less thinking and more of playing plus fighting always, my brother never got to find out that all those sending that came from me where for me until I recently told him and we all laughed about it.


The youngest memories I had

Still at same age we had this cooking stuff we normally do together with other children, we would bring different cooking ingredients from each houses and cook together in a hidden place where our families won't see and quarrel us for packing their foodstuffs.

We would Carry a container of an empty tin tomatoes and make fire with a little stone and piece of firewoods, with our little ingredients with us we will try cooking they way we see them cooking at home. Anybody passing at that moment would think we are doing something serious because we would act real with serious faces cooking it and at some point tasting it.

When the food is done according to us we would bring it down and put it in any leave near by pretending to be eating what we have cooked, one fateful day my friend's mother came out and caught her with red oil coming out of the house, her mother was so mad that she chased her around trying to catch her and beat her.

How old were you?

We were all laughing because we knew one day one of us would definitely get caught with all those foodstuffs we brought out it was only just her turn, trust me we all had our own turns and shares of beating and laughing.
We were only 6years old and still in our primary levels but we were already acting drama's of marriage and cooking, I guess we all had one or two moments we share where we are found cooking while we play.

Those were one of my youngest memories that I always remember and smile to because it was mixed with laughter and tears.

Thanks for sharing this moments with me, kindly drop your comments in the box below.

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