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Osu! @konaqua here. I just want to share some good updates. Currently in a good winning streak today.

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I might see myself in the top 25 for the Silver League soon. I hope I don't jinx myself. My current rating is 2203 and it took me a while to break the 2000 rating. I get to 2100, then get a lose streak back to 2000 and it ran for like 3 or 4 days. I got a new strategy and it got me the win I need. I'll probably post this in my Share Your Battle content but will check for a while if it's a fluke or not.


My goal is to get that 2800 rating. With 8 more days to go and 600 rating to pursue, I feel good on this current run. I hope I finally get a post with the title "Finally on the Leaderboards and here's how I did it."

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The Splinterlands roadmap also got published today. I will make a reaction on that but based on what I see, we're on a positive road ahead. If you want to play Splinterlands, I think this is the time. I'm not saying this to like entice you and then throw you under the bus but because I think if you don't start now, you will be missing a big opportunity.

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From the Splinterlands Website

The establishments of Land will be released and this would put DEC on a higher value. I think the plan on the lands is you can put DEC on it to buy stuff and your factories or something produces another item that you can use. I'll deep dive on this another time but it would be used so that the DEC you get from rewards, will be put in the land which would produce something that you can use on the game. It'll be like a cycle and I am sure DEC price will start rising the more we get to the release.

Also, I think Land is more on the investor focused than the gamers like me so expect that this would have a big shift on price of everything.

There are a lot more but as I said, I will try to take a deeper dive on this probably this week or next week.

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On the crypto side, it's also looking pretty well. I hope we're in the bull run now because I'm getting really low on funds. A few hundred here and there should keep me afloat for a bit longer. Last time I checked, Hive is currently at $0.38 something. Last week or two, it was I think $0.22 at the lowest so this was a big pull. I wonder if we'll experience the $2 per Hive that I've seen happened a few years back. That would be awesome but I think that's stretching it.

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Lastly, I've not been making Arts stuff for now and I don't think I can get back to it fully until March. However, remember my traditional pen and paper drawing like this:

From my post: Voyeur in the Woods

I might get back to my roots doing pen and paper art for now focusing on my weakness, the backgrounds. The main difference is rather than doing a character focused art, I might delve on the Splinterlands Lore. For example, rather than drawing Tarsa in a pose or something, I will make the scene of how Tarsa was isolated because of her powers.

I found some interesting lores and I think I want to focus on those stuff. Of course, I'm doing this traditionally because I suck at digital coloring (still). So I hope by March, I still have a following for this amazing projects that I'll do.

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That's it for now and I hope you all have a wonderful day!

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