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Being a furry little creature doesn't mean she's weak and useless. Use her abilities at the right time and you may just snatch a victory from a complete loss.

Byzantine Kity is very unique among the summoners. She's the only one that has the ability to heal others in addition to being a dragon element allowing her to fit in any playstyle.

She may be hard to use at first, but with proper combo and right timing, she can be a very strong ally.

Byzantine Kitty Pic.JPG
Photo from my account in Splinterlands.


Be not distracted by cuteness and fluff,

Byzantine Kitty is cuddly but tough,

If you dare to think kitty is merely a pet,

You haven’t faced kitty in battle just yet.

Lore by Splinterlands


Photo from my account in Splinterlands.

Like other summoners, all of her abilities are unlocked starting at level 1. Byzantine Kitty is also a Legendary summoner allowing her the skills of a level 3 rare monsters while being at level 1.

Being a dragon element, you won't need to invest for each element's summoner and only need her as she can be a substitute for everyone.

You need a level 3 summoner for both fire and water? No need to buy each, Byzantine Kitty can be used for both of them.

Byzantine Ability pic.JPG
Photo from my account in Splinterlands.

Byzantine Kitty also possess 3 advantages in battle:

Tank Heal: Heals monster in the first position by 1/3 of his health, rounded down, every turn.

True Shot: Gives True Shot buff to all ally monsters allowing them to never miss any attacks.

+2 Speed: All ally monsters gain additional speed.

Market Price (Buy/Rent)

Below is the current Market Price of Byzantine Kitty.


Photo from my account in Splinterlands.

One cons of Byzantine Kitty is the cost. The cheapest one would be around $380, which is very expensive. This can be justified by her abilities and usage while being an old almost phased out card. With limited release, of course the cost of this little furball would skyrocket making her one of the most expensive cards in the game.


Photo from my account in Splinterlands.

Along with the cost of purchase comes with the rent. However, for the rent, yes, she's expensive but still rentable. Around 4.16 DEC per day, you can have a taste of victory using Byzantine Kitty. That may be high right now due to current rewards but nevertheless, not impossible to get in a day.


Below is the link for the Byzantine Kitty Battle. Click to view the full battle.

Rule Sets

Rule Sets.JPG
Photo from my account in Splinterlands.

This is a 26 Mana Cap Standard Fight with no element limitations.

The maximum combined mana of all the monsters in the player's team is 26.

The battle uses standard rules. No changes in the rules and mechanics of the game.

All elements are free to use.

Below are the abilities used during this battle.

ab camo.JPG

ab tank heal.JPG

ab oppress.JPG

ab void.JPG

Ab sneak.JPG

ab snipe.JPG

ab flying.JPG

Photos for the abilities are screen shots from my account during the battle.

Battle Highlights

The battle in red means that my monster died during that battle.

Round 2

Round 2.JPG
Photo from my account in Splinterlands.

Mantoid's Snipe attack killed Goblin Psychic.

Opponent Pelacor Merchant attack killed my Bone Golem.

Round 3

Round 3.JPG
Photo from my account in Splinterlands.

Mantoid's Snipe attack killed opponent's Vampiric Blossom.

Round 4

Round 4.JPG
Photo from my account in Splinterlands.

(Since there are only melee monsters left, Snipe will be inactive and Mantoid will start attacking from the monster on the 1st position.0

Mantoid's attack killed Opponent's Pelacor Merchant.

Round 5

Round 5.JPG
Photo from my account in Splinterlands.

(Since Djinn Biljka is on the 1st position, Camouflage will now be inactive. Djinn Biljka can now be targetted of attacks.)

Silent Sha-Vi killed my opponent's Djinn Biljka.

Mantoid's attack killed Mycelic Morphoid.

Game ended.

Author's Notes

Aqua Teacher.png

The idea that a summoner can heal the monsters are very amazing. This gives the summoners an active role during the game. In Byzantine Kitty's case, the only problem I see is that since she has very high mana cost of 7, low mana games like 12 mana are very risky.

With low mana, your monsters will be limited and even if you heal that monster, there's a high chance that the heal will be outdamaged by the number of opponent's monsters.

However, since Byzantine Kitty is a dragon element, you can use her as healers for elements that lacks one, like Death and Fire. This makes her worth as a summoner especially in high mana battles.

Line Up

The idea for this line-up is for Byzantine Kitty to protect Bone Golem while other monsters attack with pinpoint accuracy due to Byzantine Kitty's True Shot buff.

Photo from my account in Splinterlands.

Before the game, I saw that my opponent used pure Earth on his last 4 games so I gambled that he would be using Earth again. Earth element tends to have high amount of magic damage due to Chaos Legion's influence. Bone Golem's void ability halves all the magic damage and Byzantine Kitty's Tank heal should give him more time to live.

Mantoid's Snipe Ability is there to take care of possible Goblin Psychic.

Silent Sha-Vi is my secondary tank in case Bone Golem dies.

Cursed Slimeball protects the rear while benig a free card for 1 mana cost. Can be exchanged with other 1 mana cost but not really crucial as Mantoid has high health still.

Did your strategy work?

Yes. The strategy worked flawlessly. Even though Bone Golem died, he died while taking half the opponent's team allowing my next tank, Silent Sha-vi for a clean up.

What will you try differently next time?

I wouldn't probably change a thing. Every piece is important. Since the opponent will be Earth, I assume Goblin Psychic will be used. He's a healer with 2 magic damage. No reason not to use him. To deal with that, I need Mantoid's Snipe ability. Silent Sha-vi works as a secondary tank in case Bone Golem dies and Bone Golem, as explained a while ago, is especially used for his void ability to protect the line. Byzantine Kitty improves everyone's ability and thus she's needed as well.

Do you like Byzantine Kitty? Why or Why not?

My feelings for Byzantine Kitty is mixed. I do like her for her awesome abilities but at the same time, her mana cost is too high for her to be included in low to mid mana games. The game is who kills the opponent's monsters first. Having a good summoner but little to no monster means that chance of losing is higher. This is the reason why I would say both, that I do like Byzantine Kitty but at the same time, I do not like her.


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