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Mushroom Seer is a card that is often overlook because of how useful and cheaper the Chaos Legion monsters are. However, he is one of the best supports for Earth. Mushroom Seer not only has good damage, but also compatible with Obsidian due to his damage type. He has also good chemistry with other members of the Earth element making him good in a lot of combos. Lastly, his abilities may not stand out at first but if used in right combination, can get you wins in a lot of matches.

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The hidden Mushroom Forest at the heart of the Centauri Wood has produced many curiosities in the past, including medicines with strange and otherworldly effects. Recently, fully grown Mushroom People have emerged from this forest. These Mushroom People spread maddening spores everywhere they go.

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Lore can be found on Splinterlands Card Lore Page.

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Market Price Buy

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Photo from my Splinterlands account.

For someone who is on beta release, $5 for Mushroom Seer is very affordable. Also, he's a win condition for Earth mirror matches where you are against another magic damage team. Mushroom Seer also has magic damage giving you more damage with Obsidian.

Market Price Rent

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Photo from my Splinterlands account.

Unbelievably, there's a lot of high rental price right now. Take note of those 1-2 DEC per day rentals. It's a good rental especially if you like magic damage types and it's really useful against those mirror matches.

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Photo from my Splinterlands account.

Mushroom Seer may look weak due to his health vs mana cost ratio but it is quite strong being 2 magic damage in an Earth element. This makes his damage at level 1, three that can eliminate half of tank's health and sometimes, even one shot low health monsters.



At level 1, Silence is unlocked. Silence decreases opponent's magic damage by 1. A monster with 1 magic damage before the effect is unaffected. Silence is often combo'ed with Void ability, which reduces the magic damage in half. A combination of these 2 abilities can, most of the time, shut down magic damage compositions.


At level 5, Poison is unlocked. Monsters with poison ability can inflict the poison effect to an opponent when hit. Poison is strong at any point in the game. The earlier you can apply it to your opponent, the higher the overall damage is. Poison inflicts 2 damage per round that cannot be reduced by abilities. This can only be removed when the monster died and resurrected and by effect of Cleanse.

Abilities described above are from Splinterland using my account.

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Battle highlights

Click the link below to see the full battle:

Rules of Combat

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28 Mana Cap. Total mana cost of all monsters must not exceed 28.

Standard. No change in terms of mechanics and rules of the game.

All Elements Unlocked. You're allowed to use all monsters from any elements.

Abilities Used During This Battle



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Magic Reflect.png


Abilities used in this battle are from Splinterland using my account.

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monsters are my opponent.

Those in BLACK font are mine.

Round 2

Round 2.jpg
Photo from my Splinterlands account.

  1. Mushroom Seer's attack killed
    Unicorn Mustang

Round 3

Round 3.jpg
Photo from my Splinterlands account.

  1. Regal Peryton's attack killed
    Failed Summoner
  2. Unicorn Mustang's attack killed
    Creeping Ooze
  3. Mushroom Seer's attack killed
    Goblin Psychic
  4. Goblin Psychic's attack killed
    Khmer Princess

Round 4

Round 4.jpg
Photo from my Splinterlands account.

  1. Mushroom Seer's attack killed
    Regal Peryton

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Author's Notes

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Do you like Mushroom Seer? Why or Why not?

Yes, I've used Mushroom Seer in combination with Unicorn Mustang. This card alone with Unicorn Mustang destroys mirror matches meaning if you have these combination, you have higher chance of winning against an Earth magic damage composition.

In addition to that, Mushroom Seer has 2 magic damage, which increases by 1 via Obsidian. 3 magic damage is strong as it passes through armor and never misses. This eliminates normally half of the tank's health which gives your monsters easier time winning.


Mushroom Lineup.jpg

Summoner: Obsidian: Gives all your monsters additional 1 magic damage. Best summoner for magic-centric team.

  1. Unicorn Mustang: High health with Void ability. There's no better tank than this in Earth Element. Also has high damage and speed so it's an all in one monster.
  2. Regal Peryton: Has high health which allows him to survive longer. In addition to that, He has high speed, and Flying ability allowing him to dodge a lot of melee and range attacks.
  3. Goblin Psychic: Has Tank Heal that restores 1/3 of the health of your monster in the 1st position. Also has magic damage which is boosted by Obsidian.
  4. Mushroom Seer: Has Silence ability that decreases opponent's magic damage by 1. If opponent has 1 magic damage before Silence is applied, they are unaffected. This effect stacks.

Did your strategy worked?

Yes. The combination of Silence and Void abilities are really useful against magic damage-centric teams. In terms of mirror matches, it negates Obsidian's bonuses which in turns allows you to control the damage with your Unicorn Mustang and his void ability.

What will you try differently next time?

This is not a must change but switching Regal Peryton with Wood Nymph gives you two Tank Heal abilities which ensure that your Unicorn Mustang NEVER dies. Having your Unicorn Mustang survive until the end is a big advantage since he doesn't only have high health but damage as well.

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