REACT People are Cancelling Mr. Beast because of a Charity?

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This is a KonAqua React Series where we'll do some reactions on the video that I or someone in the comment suggested.
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Mr. Beast is a philantropist known in youtube for being an entrepreneur and giving huge amounts of money to people which is mostly given by his sponsors. He once made a chocolate factory in real life to be given to be given away at the end like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in real life. He also did a Squid Game in real life, minus the killing, of course, and the winner gets more than thousands of dollars.

He recently planned to do a charity where he would be paying for the people's grocery but an employee leaked it and huge waves of greedy individuals went in with carts and trash bags from the store hoping that Mr. Beast would pay for it.

I only watched a portion of the video since I got curious, around 1 minute mark, but stopped because I want to make a reaction for it. Let's see what happened afterwards.

Let's check Atozy's view on MrBeast Charity Attempt Turns into a Nightmare.


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Atozy's MrBeast Charity Attempt Turns into a Nightmare

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Timestamp | 0:42 / 8:20

Well, yeah. There are more people than expected because of the leaked tiktok so security would be a concern. But it's called a charity because the goal is to help those who are in need and not in greed.

1 02.jpg

Timestamp | 1:02 / 8:20

You can see the mountains of groceries on the side. That's just simple greed and those people don't deserve the charity. I am glad Mr. Beast decided to cancel what he would do even if it's last minute.

1 39.jpg

Timestamp | 1:39 / 8:20

Oh, my *beep* God. That doesn't look like a charity but more like a sale for everything at $1. Also, I don't mean to be racist but most of the people I see are blacks. I wonder where this "charity" would supposed to happen. I also found out that the person in blue is one of Mr. Beast's employee as well. That is not fun to tell people that those won't be for free.

2 09.jpg

Timestamp | 2:09 / 8:20

All I can say at every corner is, "Oh my *beep* God." Look at that thing in the corner. That's like 5 trashbags of food. What the hell.

2 50.jpg

Timestamp | 2:50 / 8:20

They should all blame the person who leaked that Mr. Beast would do that. I think Mr. Beast are targetting a certain demographic because if he plans to do that charity in a larger scale, he would certainly put advertisement and stuff. I think Mr. Beast is planning to pay for like a few people and not the entire neighborhood.

On the other hand, I'm 100% percent sure that most of those will not be purchased so the employees, including the one who leaked it, will be putting that away. That's what you call karma.

4 07.jpg

Timestamp | 4:07 / 8:20

The aftermath looks like a scene from The Walking Dead. I hope Mr. Beast still did a few compensation to the store owner because even if we're not to blame him and it's the leaked video's fault, he still has some responsibility for it.

4 24.jpg

Timestamp | 4:24 / 8:20

A shout out for Lookatdatder BBQ House & Catering for helping with the cleaning.

He also had a video of people helping with the aftermath:

Lastly, found out that this charity would be around Greenville, North Carolina based on the store's location.

5 29.jpg

Timestamp | 5:26 / 8:20

Those volunteers are probably the locals who buy there everyday. They are the ones who would've gotten the charity groceries of Mr. Beast. In other words, most of those "shoppers" before really doesn't deserve the help coming from Mr. Beast.

6 24.jpg

Timestamp | 6:24 / 8:20

Shout out to all those who helped and even declined the pay. Community like that deserves to prosper.

6 43.jpg

Timestamp | 6:48 / 8:20

I feel stupid for this but I didn't realize that Piggly Wiggly is the name of the grocery store. I apologize if I can't link the store's website as my browser is warning me about it. I don't want to link some fake website if I can't confirm it so I just linked their facebook account.

8 14.jpg

Timestamp | 8:14 / 8:20

Just as I thought. It was supposed to be a surprise for a few people and not the entire neighborhood. I don't blame Mr. Beast for pulling out because it would be going through with it means his generosity will be abused. Also, never feed someone's greed. I applaud Mr. Beast to do the charity in the right way.

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Author's Notes Animated.gif

A tiktok video was leaked by an employee for the charity. I tried to find the original tiktok video but unfortunately, it might be deleted by the time I got this news on my feed at 10/30/2022.

A lot has been saying to cancel Mr. Beast, mostly those people who tried to abuse Mr. Beast's generosity however, that's not even a fraction of Mr. Beast's supporters to who knows that the employee who leaked the supposedly charity is the one to blame.

They still support Mr. Beast as he already had an established personality of being generous and occassionally doing charities and more. We just hope that Mr. Beast continue the charity on another day and/or some other form and not to totally get tired of helping others overall.

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