LOH 111 How to Handle Stress the Healthy Way

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Ladies of Hive's question for their weekly contest is...

"What is your formula for managing stress and becoming overwhelmed, if you've experienced it, during the holiday season?"

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What is stress and how do I deal with it?

To me, stress is the accumulation of negative thoughts which is normally caused by various real life problems. There's many ways to deal with it like watching TV, going out, surfing the internet, etc. It depends from person to person.

I also have a lot of way to deal with it but my top 3 would be what I would answer in this post.


I only have a very small circle of friends but talking to them and laughing about life can make a difference. Especially during this Covid, even if you're the most unsociable person, you need to have the minimal social interactions to reduce stress or for it to not go deep into depression.

Unfortunately, me and my friends don't do anything special to relieve stress. We just talk, sometimes a friendly flirt but most of the time just punch each other. Not like a fight punch. You know, like a nudge in the shoulder which would always end up in a pillow fight.


Eating food is always a good way to relieve stress. I like chocolates because they provide chemicals which produces what we call happy hormones. Even science tells you that chocolates can make you happy.

Other than that, I like cold stuff. Ice cream is one of my comfort food and having a close store that sells soft serve ice cream helps a lot during my time of unwinding.


My two playful hamsters are my babies. I have a white one named Coco and an orange one named Melon. I got the name from a children's show on youtube which fits the color of both of them.

I recently bought them a hamster ball so they can roll around while I do my blogs so I can just leave them be even without supervision. But the best is Coco and Melon skittering around in the floor. I release them for like 30 mins to run around the room a few times per week. Their soft furs are really pleasant to touch. I only wish that we would be more closer so they can run on my shoulders or head without trying to bite my ears. (lol)

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