LOH 107 The Ghost of Confession

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Ladies of Hive's question for their weekly contest is...

"If you were a ghost and could possess people, what would you make them do?"

I have a very interesting thought on this one. This would be a quick blog so read down below for my answer.

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The Ghost of Confession

If I ever became a ghost I would be someone who would help others. Pranking is an idea but based on the anime and movies I watched, it would not be satisfying. It would be better to be a ghost that also helps people at the same time, regardless if they wanted the help or not. lol.

The Ghost that Confesses Love to Other People.

As a ghost of confession, I would either possess people and confess their love or confess their sins.

For confessing love, I won't do it to random people. I would have access to the memories of the person I possessed and based on that, I would make them confess their love to the one they love the most.

To be fair, this also includes family because there are people who aren't expressive and cannot say, "I love you" to their parents. It's not that they don't love them but they probably didn't have the culture to be verbal when they were young.

The confession also depends on how much they're attracted to the person. I might bring flowers or other gifts depending on the possessed person's desire. Once I've said, "I love you," which would be the last part of the possession, I will leave the body so that the possessed person is the one who would hear the answer from their loved ones personally.

Confess Sins to People They've Done Wrong

We all made mistakes and sometimes, saying "Sorry," is not as easy as it would seem. The tighter the bond you are with that person, the harder it is to apologize if your sins is more grave.

I would be the ghost to connect them again. Like in the confession of love, I might also bring gifts based on the person's wants in order for the apology to be more successful.

There would also be times that I possess people that other people wanted to. For example, if my friend did something wrong and I want them to apologize to me, the ghost would be possessing my friend instead of me.

Who would be possesed and other conditions will be stated down below.

Requirements for Possession

People can call me by doing the ritual circle below:

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You put love or sin depending on what you want me to do.

Once the ritual circle is done, it must be burned along with something that is very dear to you like a photo or a gift. (I do not accept living sacrifice, sorry.)

Lastly, chant this line twice:

"Ghost of confession, I summon thee I need your guidance, please possess me/he/she Bring me closer to the person I say (name of person), for his (love/sin) I pray,"

After that ritual is done, the person stated will be possessed within 24 hours. (I can only possess one at a time. I only have one spirit.)

Also, for the person who is doing the ritual, I can only grant 2 request in his/her whole lifetime, one for each type of confession. This is to avoid abuse since my work is very effective.

Once the whole process is done, I can only wish that you and the one you wish to be closer with will have a better relationship than before.

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