Lele, the Child of the Treants


Sources and Materials

Below are the materials I used in this art.

Materials Pen Pencil Eraser.png

Materials Colored Pencil.png


Original Version

I want to create a non-human character and attempted on a treant. However, a full monster is not in my wheel house "yet" so I made her as a half monster instead. I like the idea of Wood Nymph from Splinterlands so I plan to add some of those touches as well.

Step 1 Draft

I made a rough draft of the background and my main character.

Wstep 1 Draft.JPG

The main idea is Lele just waking up from sleep while leaning on a big tree. Lele, the Child of Treant, as mentioned would be a kid so there's less curves on her body is a must for her not to look mature.

Step 2 Full Draft

Wstep 2 Full Draft.JPG

Adding a bit more detail, I did the wood part. It serves only as a guide because trees does not have one distinctive pattern.

The only thing I need to take note is body separation as I'm planning to use the wood part as the clothes and cover a part of her body including her sensitive parts.

Step 3 Ink Base

Wstep 3 Ink Base.JPG

I divided the ink part in two different steps, the base one and the pattern for the wood part of the treant.

For the base, I did the outline using Dong A My Gel black. This is important because there's an overlapping feature with the hair and I needed to place a more permanent line before doing the rest of the ink process.

Step 4 Ink Wood

wStep 4 Wood Ink.JPG

The wood part is done using a sequence of round-ish and wavy patterns. It was supposed to be the look for the bark of the trees but it came out vine-like as observed by my sister.

Step 5 Eyes

Wstep 5 Eyes.jpg

I did a half-half of red and blue eyes. the red one uses Dong-A fine Tech red while the blue one uses Enice Gel Pen Blue.

Step 6 Skin and Hair

wStep 6b Skin.jpg

for the skin, I decided to use green colored pencil. I applied force on the shadows and a lighter force for the base. This makes her look non-human and more like the wood Nymph from Splinterlands.

wstep 6 Hair.jpg

The hair looks like seaweed. a short wavy hair fits her perfectly.

Step 7 Skin Wood

wStep 7 Skin 2 Wood.JPG

I did a solid dark brown color for the wood part. I did not proceed with adding any shadows because of the limited colors of the colored pencil. I did not do any highlights as well because she's supposed to be under the tree. the ink pattern made the color darker than i anticipated which is also one of the reasons why i decided to go all in on brown.

Step 8 Background Draft and Ink

wStep 8 BG Draft and Ink.jpg

Lele, the Child of the Treant would be on top of the hills leaning beside a tree. I added different pattern for it to differentiate it from the treant parts.

Step 9 Background Color


A lighter color for the background for it to be differentiated from the treant part.

i added a bluish part on the right side for the sea nad a lighter blue for the sky.

lastly, there's a green color for the grass and a gray shadow for the rocks using my Mongol #2 pencil.

Author's Notes

Aqua Teacher.png

This art honestly did not come out as good as I had hoped. This definitely has a lot of potential but maybe I still lack in other departments as an artist and it did not do as well.

It was quite good during the ink process but when I added the color, that's when sh*t came going down.

I will most likely make an update to this in the future and redo Lele once I got a lot better.


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