Have a Lovely Day! (Static Emote)

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Sources and Materials

Below are the materials I used in this art.

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I felt good early this week so I wanted to transform that energy to my next emote. I found the perfect model from Splinterland's shining beacon of happiness, Silvershield Bard.

Silvershield Bard for Emote.png

Splinterlands art always amazes me because without any exagerration, I am learning each time I do a new one. This one, I tried to do something very technical and while this is not technical to others, I would have to remind my readers that I am only using my mouse for every step after the pencil and pen draft.

In any case, enjoy your week and Have a Lovely Day!

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Step 1 Draft

Draft 1.jpg

I honestly though this one is easy. I've easily got the face proportion perfectly along with the hair and hat. The guitar obviously needs a lot of work but I'm not too much troubled because first, this is a freehand drawing. I didn't use any rulers (even though I should've) and this is only a draft and will be cleaned on the next step.

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Step 2 Full Draft

Step 2 Digital Lineart.PNG

Now, we're talking. A definite improvement from the last step. I used different thickness of brushe to add some details like the separation in the guitar sling and that one line on the leaf. Also, I would admit that I forgot to add the strings here which I would be adding towards the latter steps.

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Step 3 Base Colored

Step 3 Base Color.PNG

I based the color scheme on the original art. I would have to say that this is one of the most pleasing to the eyes among all of the works I've done before. Even at this stage, I'm like, "Wow. This would look good."

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Step 4 Shadows

Step 4 Shadow.PNG

The light source would be towards where Silvershield Bard is looking at. You can imagine it as if she's doing a pictorial. That's the light source and thus, everything at the back would produce shadows.

For the shadows and highlights of the hair, I would separate the steps in able to give emphasis on those parts because I think that is the best part of this week's emote.

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Step 5 Highlights

Step 5 Highlights.PNG

Adding highlights increases the shadow's impact. However, there are some weird highlights from the original that I tried to copy and some that I modified because it doesn't make sense.

These areas are like, the highlights on the gloves and the the highlights and shadows on the sun on the breastplate. It adds a certain charm but still, some of it doesn't make sense.

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Step 6 Shine Effect

Step 6 Shine.PNG

The shine effect has 2 steps. First, a big solid white circle for the main shine, then a triangular shape with lower opacity for the shine.... twinkle?

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Step 7 Hair Shadow

Step 7 Hair Shadow.PNG

For the hair shadow, I added like a zigzag pattern using the pen tool. This isn't obvious when look afar but as you can see, it works a bit better when zoomed in.

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Step 8 Hair Highlights

Step 8 Hair highlights.PNG

This is the fun part. For the hair highlights, each of those strands is done individually using the pen tool. Triangular shape with rounded end overlaps each other makes the highlights.

Imagine how a hair follicle looks like. Add each of that overlapping each other and that's how I did this highlight.

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Step 9 Lineart Colored

Step 9 Lineart Colored Full.PNG

Like in the previous ones that I did, I started doing colored linearts. I normally do it on the hair. I also added it on the clothes but not on the darker part of the drawings.

I do this to soften the lines and reduce the emote's overall darkness which is not needed but something I prefer.

Step 9b Lineart Colored.PNG

I also discovered this weird effect. I duplicated the lineart, lock the transparent pixel and painted over the duplicated layer. If you hide the original lineart, the lines would be too plain and you wouldn't see where the lines are. I didn't like it in this one so I decided to leave it and made this awesome effect like a lineart with a unique style.

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Author's Note Banner.gif

I really like this drawing of mine for this week. In terms of cleanliness, I think this is one of my top ones. The color combinations are quite a charm as well. Overall, this is one of my best ones so far.

For this emote, those strands of hair to be used as a highlights might look easy.

Yes, I would agree to that if you're using a graphics tablet or drawing tablet. However, I don't have that luxury yet and it takes a bit of wrist dexterity to do it using mouse.

It's not impossible but it is quite difficult for me.


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  • This post is an entry for Splinterland's Art Contest.
  • Other sources that I do not own are cited under their respective photos. Photos and drawings without cited sources are mine and made for this post.
  • Animated Banners and Dividers are edited in Canva Pro.
  • Some of the fonts used are from instafonts.io

If I seem to forget to cite other sources, this would be unintentional. Please leave it on the comments below to be added in the post. Thanks.

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