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Sources and Materials

Below are the materials I used in this art.

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I've had a bit of time so I made a quick sketch which I ended up scrapping. I saw some interesting emotes from League of Legends and I wanted to try sketching a few but I see none that I can recreate and apply with Splinterlands.

I, instead, used it as an inspiration and it went great... At least on the 2nd step onwards.

This was the inspiration that used:

lol emote 1.PNG

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Step 1 Draft

For those who are curious, this was my original sketch that I ended up dropping because I think it's really bad and I ended up winging it midway while closely looking to the original art as my guide.


What happened is I originally used this as a guide but after I did finish doing the lineart for this, I thought it was really really bad. I changed a lot while on the computer and this "draft" ended up just as a guide.

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Step 2 Full Draft

Step 2 Digital Lineart.PNG

I was happy that I changed it. I'm not sure what happened to me but maybe I was having a bad day on that draft or maybe I just got really bad.

A lot of parts in here are cut like the arms, wings, and clothes. While I wanted to do only the arm and fist and body, like on the League of Legend emote below:

lol emote 1.PNG

To be honest, I kind of liked it.

Also, I realized that I really need some more equipments because small detail like this kind of adds a lot and I'm onto "Quality over Quantity" scenario which makes my art takes more time than usual:

Step 2 Lineart 2 neck.PNG
After using brush tool, I have to use eraser and pen tool to kind of slice a part to have this line effect on the neck.

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Step 3 Base Color

Step 3 Base Color.PNG

There's nothing special here. As usual, I added a new layer, then colored the thing manually until all the base colors have been filled while trying to stay as close to the original.

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Step 4 Shadows

Step 4 Shadows.PNG

I added shadows on the ret of the body except the eyes, hair and wings. I'll do that on a separate step because I want to focus on that. You can use the image above as a guide if you want.

One thing that I changed from the original is adding a secondary shadow for the skin. I didn't add a few and only those that I think needs more:

Step 4 Shadows 2 Skin only.PNG

Here's a zoomed in version if you want to check:

Step 4 Shadows 2 parts.PNG

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Step 5 Highlights

Step 5 Highlights 1.PNG

For this one, I tried to wing it. I kind of over exaggerated on it because I think it looked way better that way.

I also added a secondary highlights in accordance to the original art. In this, the rule is when your highlights touch a shadow part, you do it in kind of a dark highlight. It's easier to just see than describe it:

Step 5 Hightlights 2.PNG

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Step 6 Hair

Step 6 hair base.PNG

I did a highlight and shadows on the hair. I made a separate step for it because I want to give emphasis to it and to give you a starter, this is the part that took most of my time.

First we add the shadows on the hair:

Step 6 hair shadow.PNG

Next, we're going to do a red highlights on the hair:

Step 6 hair red highlights.PNG

The one who made Xander Foxwood was a genius. At first, I thought he just did the red one as normal. However, while taking at a closer look, the red on the hair overlaps on the shadows. Take a look below:

Step 6 hair red highlights part.PNG

Do you see the brown-ish part of the hair shadows detached? So, to recreate this red highlights part, we need to duplicate then lock the shadows layer first.

To duplicate, just right click on the layer and duplicate. To lock, click this icon below on the layers panel:

Lock Transparent Pixels.png

This allows us to paint over the shadows part ONLY. Thus, we can do something close to it like this:

Step 6 hair red highlights part.PNG

Next, create a new layer below the hair shadow. The way I did the highlights is a triangle with a circular ending instead of a straight side. Imagine how a hair follicle would look like. Just add like a hundred of those and that would make the highlights.

Step 6 hair highlights 2.PNG

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Step 7 Wings

Step 7 Wings.PNG

For the wings, I just followed the one on the original but since the wing on mine is clipped, I didn't make the full one. Below is the original art so you can see the design on the wings:
Xander Foxwood original.png

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Step 8 Eyes

For the eyes, we're going to start off with an oblong eyes and dark eyes instead of white:

Step 8 Eyes Base.PNG

Make a separate layer for each step for the eyes to make it less complicated. The middle of the eye, the dark orange, the orange and the black is all separate layers.

Next, we add some shadows at the back of the main eyes. To do this, you must make a new layer and add the eye shadows layer below the eye center:

Step 8 2.PNG

Step 8 3.PNG

On another layer, do a circle-ish highlight on the dark part of the eyes.

Step 8 4.PNG

Just like the one on the leaf armor, anything that touches the initial shadows will be put in a dark highlight.

step 8 5.PNG

Then, we add highlights to the middle of the eyes. This is just a circular part then fill in white.

Last part in the eyes, since the lineart on the previous step is below the lineart, you just need to move the white highlights layer on the center of the eye above the lineart layer. Simply move that layer upmost and should look like this:

step 8 6.PNG

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Step 9 Canva Effects

I love messing with Canva. I use it all the time for my banners, dividers, etc. I have the pro version so I can have more options but the free one is also good to use. It's just a matter of preference.

In any case, I use Canva here to add some pre-made effects but that's more or less it.

Foxwood Final Emote 300.gif

I added a static image then I put a pop effect on the anger emotion as well as the one on the hand. Animation length is 1 second to mimic like a normal gif animation.

Don't forget to save the work in gif format so the animation works.

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Author's Note Banner.gif

Seeing how abyssmal my drawing (draft) is, I think I might go back to my roots and do traditional drawings for the meantime. It's also more accessible and less time consuming so I might do that in the near future. For now, I hope you like my work and if not, comment down below on how I can improve it.

In any case, here's the timelapse part as a proof of work. I uses gray background most of the time so that I also see the white parts since I rarely use gray in my art.

Honestly, this turned up way better than I originally anticipated. I am glad I didn't scrap this during the second step.


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  • This post is an entry for Splinterland's Art Contest.
  • Other sources that I do not own are cited under their respective photos. Photos and drawings without cited sources are mine and made for this post.
  • Animated Banners and Dividers are edited in Canva Pro.
  • Some of the fonts used are from

If I seem to forget to cite other sources, this would be unintentional. Please leave it on the comments below to be added in the post. Thanks.

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