Aril, the Summoned Succubus

Final xxx.jpg

Sources and Materials

Below are the materials I used in this art.

Materials Pen Pencil Eraser.png

Materials Colored Pencil.png


In a few days, we will now be getting the 4th season of one of my most favorite anime, "Overlord." While rewatching the old seasons, I got inspired on one of their characters so I asked myself, "Why don't we have that in Splinterlands?"

I picked up my pencil and started drawing a draft for a possible character for Splinterlands, which I hope, would rival Albedo, the succubus of that awesome show.

albedo overlord.JPG

Succubus is a charming demon whose food is the essence of men. They are regulars in stories where non-humans exist. They attract men using their bodies and manipulate their actions using their magical eyes. This week, it is the main point of this week's art, Splinterland's own succubus, Aril, the Summoned Succubus

Step 1 Draft

Step 1 Draft.jpg

I wanted to make a girl sitting looking upwards because a Succubus must show sexiness. This position should highlight the boobs and face to increase the character's sexy factor. The challenge in this one is the perspectove might be off as it is one of the hardest rule to follow an art.

Step 2 Full Draft

Step 2 Draft ful.JPG

I added the wings and did the full draft as clean as I can. The fingers were made to dig on her skin like trying to hold herself from temptation. I added a longer tongue to accentuate her being non human.

Step 3 Inks and Fills

Step 3 inks and blacks.JPG

This time, I tried using a special tool. I've seen some people do this in youtube a few times and wanted to try if it's going to work. The filled blacks on her bikini and stockings were done using liquid eye liner.

This is an old eyeliner so I don't know the maker of this one. What I would say though is this is a cheap one like less than a $1 so this special tool can be used with any spare eyeliner you have.

Lastly, some parts were also left out as highlights to make it look leather-ish.

Step 4 Eyes, Blushes and Hair Highlights

Step 3 Eyes.jpg

Since I'm drawing an alluring succubus, I made his eyes heart-shaped. My Red Dong-A Fine Tech pen was used to fill the red parts including the blushes and moles.

I did a pencil draft of the hair, where highlights will be placed later.

Step 5 Hair Color

Step 5 Hair Color.jpg

Keeping in theme, red hair and red eyes is thr best. I was planning to do a blonde one but the eyes would not complement.

On these pencil hair highlights, I used my Red Dong-A Fine Tech pen to emphasize the highlights.

At the top, another set of highlights were added but it's more vague, light and free. It's just to break down the huge filled reds from the hair.

Step 6 Skin Color

Step 6 Skin Color.jpg

My favorite combination of peach as the base and orange for shadows.

Step 6b stockings reflect.jpg

This is not a deal breaker but still a negative thing when using eyeliner. The black fills is that it's very reflective when you use the camera's flash.

Step 7 Coloring Tongue

Step 7 Coloring Tongue.JPG

Along the red-colored pencil, I also added the Red Dong-A Fine Tech to serve as the shadows.

Step 8 Slave Mark

Step 8 Slave Mark.JPG

The mark came from Venari Wavesmith's art. I like the spell circle from Venari Wavesmith as the base of magic in Splinterlands so I am using it in this week's art.

Venari Wavesmith spell.JPG

Step 9 Wings and Clothes Details

Step 9 Wings and Cloths detail.jpg

The color of the wings is something I don't like 100%. The thing is there's already a lot of blacks so making the wings black would make everything too dark.

A disadvantage of being not able to do digital coloring is that the color pallet is really limited.

step 9b wings.jpg

While doing this part, I was also thinkin of doing a black background so I decided on this violet and blue color combination instead.

The clothes detail is also in another color because of the same reason.

Step 10 Background Draft

Step 10 bg draft.jpg

The summoning circle again, came from Venari Wavesmith.

I was thinking of adding smoke but settled in smokey ghost since I wanted her to be in the Death Splinters.

Below would be the final draft of the background:

Step 10b BG draft full.jpg

Step 11 Background Color

Step 11 bg color.jpg

If I would color this digitally, the lines would be in white with yellow highlights slowly disappearing.

This is not possible when using colored pencil so I settled on these color combinations.

Step 11b smokey ghost.jpg

The smokey ghosts were colored using Mongol #2 pencil. I like it better than using gray since the color is more pronounced.

Author's Notes

This is the final product:

Final xxx.jpg

Also, for some reason, the color here is more vibrant than normal. I am not perfectly sure but I think the reason is that the paper I used is Hard Copy Copy Paper 100gsm, which I used when making Class 101 years ago.

Hard copy.JPG


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Stayed tuned in a few days to know Aril's very interesting lore, "Struggles of the Summoned Succubus."

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