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Problems are an inevitable part of life, and I've realised that wishing they wouldn't exist is pointless. Instead, I've developed the ability to stretch my limits, take on more difficult situations, and react in a more effective manner.

As Maxwell puts it,

“You don’t overcome challenges by making them smaller but by making yourself bigger.”

DUE TO THE PANDEMIC this year, I lost my elder brother, Let's think back to the circumstances prior to the pandemic. The most often discussed topics in the medical area included the effectiveness of immunizations, various dietary advice, and applications of alternative medicine. These were the primary subjects of the well-known health sector.


The pandemic process, however, abruptly altered the schedule. The pandemic was the primary thing on the agenda in the early half of this year, and it still is as of now. Unexpected deaths drastically altered day-to-day existence. Social policies altered as economics of nations collapsed.

This year has tought me, It must have first and foremost instilled in us the value of science. Superstitions, bogus solutions, and information quickly lost their significance. Anti-vaccine conspiracy theories were a big issue in popular science before the pandemic started. These people's voices went silent as the pandemic began.

Similar to the vaccine analogy, the pandemic strongly and instantly brought to mind the significant accomplishments of human history. It demonstrated the significance of urban planning for health in densely populated areas.Therefore, in this instance, we need to have given our large cities more consideration and improved their quality of life.


During the epidemic, I recognized, the necessity of hospital equipment and capacity. Our health personnel have worked incredibly hard all around the world. They provided the best illustration of how to operate firmly and systematically.

The existence of nursing institutions for the elderly in our cities was crucial, but they also required social support and modernization. We were quite terrified of turning out like Italy during this process.

It was crucial that metropolitan areas remain serene and tranquil, with a balanced distribution of human density to ensure social distance. Employee social places should be welcoming and appropriate.


I learned that no force can thwart the pursuit of truth from the Italian astronomer Galileo. According to French philosopher Descartes,

"Knowledge is power."

The best source of information is science. The cooperation, creation, and working under the direction of science of healthcare professionals has been our most crucial assurance.

Thank you once again friends for visiting my blog. !!

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