1️⃣ What is your number one passion, the thing you do that
makes you feel the most happy, peaceful, or satisfied?

My father is not only a farmer, a person with a passion for gardening, but he is also a construction contractor. When I was a child, I used to sit next to him while he was working. I used to watch him draw drawings of houses for guests,
it really appeal to me. And perhaps since then, the dream of becoming an architect has sprouted in my thoughts, in my mind. I like spatial geometry, imagine and drawing. I can sit all day just drawing what I love, even forget to eat, to sleep. I tried my best to study good at maths, physics, and drawing to realize my dream. But maybe that's fate. When I enrolled in architecture, my family had an accident. My parents told me that they could not afford to raise me to study the major I wished. In the end, I had to choose to learn in the major of environmental management to receive a scholarship and continue my studies without becoming a burden to my parents.

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In 2013, I graduated from university. After working with many professions unrelated to my major, in 2017, I decided to apply for the position of tent designer at a tent manufacturing Korea's company. They didn't accept me at first. They said I'm a girl, and I'm not suitable for this profession, it's only for boys. I was really sad. I stood for a long time to look at the design room. There are many tents there, with many different designs and colors. I was interested stood to watch the Chinese expert drawing samples. I was mesmerized by this work. The passion of a youth rushed back. The desire to do a creative job becomes more burning than ever. That was the moment I knew I had found the passion of my life again.




So even though I was rejected outright at that time, I still didn't give up, I convinced them that what men can do, I can certainly do. Finally, they gave me a chance to try my hand at it. So far, I have been in this job for almost 5 years. The people who laughed at me did not believe in my abilities were finally convinced by the dedication that I have given to the company.
I vividly remember how passionate I was when I first started my apprenticeship. Each tent style is like a challenge and each time completing a pattern is like I have completed a challenge, which makes me really satisfied and happy. At that time, every day at work was a fun day for me. When I come home from work, I look forward to the next day so that I can go to the office, hug the computer, sit and imagine, calculate and draw. It sounds cliché, but sometimes I feel like that famous Kanye song "I love my job"
When I received a drawing from the customer, I had to make the pole myself, build the model myself. Then take precise measurements to draw out every detail. To make a standard tent, I need to accurately calculate every detail from the pattern structure to the fabric and the minimum allowable weight. It is not an easy job, requiring meticulousness, care, patience, and high pressure. Without passion, I certainly would not have been able to do well.






This job makes me happy because it has partly offset my childhood dream. Instead of designing homes for everyone, my job is to create "small houses" to cover the rain and sun for people who are passionate about backpacking and camping.







But the same goes for any job. There are also difficulties and pressures. Moreover, this is a job for men, who have a high tolerance for work pressure, so it is even more difficult for me. There were times the goods were urgent. I had to work overtime until 11 pm to complete the sample in time to send it to the customer for approval.
There were times I encountered fastidious customers. I was stressed because I had to adjust samples according to their requirements very many times.
There are times the work is busy and rushed, leading to errors in the numbers in the calculation process, and the consequences I suffered were very severe.
And there were many times I wanted to quit my current job to find another job, which was lighter and more comfortable, but I failed. I couldn't give up because no matter another job I tried, I still felt unsatisfied. It's because of passion. I realized, only when we work with passion, no matter how difficult it is, you can overcome it and never give up. The fruits of work you're passionate about will be sweeter than anything.


When I'm tired, I go to travel websites and camp to see all the photos. Seeing the products I make are used by people everywhere, I feel more in love with my work and have more motivation to do better.
Working with passion and staying true to your own interests is what will help you succeed. There are many different ways to define success, but for me, it's finding a career that I am happy doing every day. Now, my job always makes me feel satisfied and satisfied with my current life. I am very happy that I was lucky enough to find a job that matches my passion.

This is my entry for the Ladies of Hive Community Contest #51 by @thekittygirl. I'd love to thank @trangbaby for inviting me. And thanks to all my friends for reading my post.

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