I always carry a heart with me//Ladies of Hive Community Contest #54

1️⃣ What is the most important thing that you ALWAYS carry with you, and why?

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"Hi, my heart! When I read this question of @Ladiesofhive, I couldn't think of anything but you. You give me the beat and life. I call you a lucky box because you contain all the most important things I have. How long have I brought you with me? It's been half my life. You are an intangible and priceless object that my parents gave me. So I cherish you very much.
You carry in your the sacred love that I have for my family, the sincerity that I have for my friends. On the contrary, you are also where store all the love that people give me. Thanks to you, I know what love is and how it means in this life. With you beside me, I don't feel alone. Because all the people I love always exist inside of you. Thank you for the sweetness that you spread so that I know to live with love, sympathize and share. Thanks to you, I learned how to care about people around me, sympathize with those who are unhappy, and learn to appreciate the relationships that I have, and learn to open up to connect new relationships.

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You carry in your enthusiasm and passion, helping me always have the desire to learn and explore. In front of new things, you always give me feelings of joy, excitement, ready to accept new things. In the face of difficulties, you always give me optimistic and resilient emotions to overcome all. Life has ups and downs with a lot of pressure, sometimes I'm stressed with everything, my mind is about to explode, I'm going crazy, but thanks to you - a gentle heart has helped me ease the rage of reason, bring peace back to my heart. You are a wonderful companion that I am fortunate to have in my life.

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The world out there is full of colors. And I always want to take you with me. I love to explore this world through you. Helen Keller said: “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart.”
Yes, only when I look at everything through you that I feel the sweet beauty of this life. Seeing the world from a heart next to a mind will help me have more insight, make more accurate choices.

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I am so lucky to have you, a heart full of emotions and colors. Thanks to you, my life is more plentiful, more vivid, and more multifaceted. Thanks to you, my world is a totally different world. Unlike anyone else's, and it's special to me. A person with a loving heart is a rich person. I think I am not poor because I have you, and you make me become a people of value.
In this human journey,
I carry my heart to connect
I carry my heart to love and share
I carry my heart to explore and conquer.
If someone asks me what I have in hand for a new journey, I will answer that I have a heart filled with love, enthusiasm, and passion. You are an invaluable gift of life that helps me love life more and achieve more success.

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I know there are times when you get upset because I didn't listen to what you said. But nothing in life is perfect. Whatever happened in the past, right or wrong, they all taught me lessons. I still have a long way to go, to go, and I need you by my side. Please be patient with me, tell me what is right, teach me what I need to do, guide me through difficulties. I will always listen to you, listen to my heart.
My heart - you are the most important thing that I carry to me all my life."

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This is my entry for contest #54 by @saffisara. Thank you for the invitation of @trangbaby and @thu172 and thanks to all for reading my post.

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