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2️⃣ A passion is a value that one holds dear. What are you passionate about in life? If you have not yet discovered a passion, what would you like to be passionate about?

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If there is one thing that every man and woman should strive for in life, it's discovering their passion and pursuing it! Does this sound cliché? Someone may say, "Is that not what most people do?" I'm afraid to say, not "most people'' do this. Some people live and die without pursuing their passion. I never want to be one of those people.

Passion means those things we love to do that are valuable or important to us. They are critical to our happiness and bring us fulfilment.

In my country, our environment, family structure and sometimes culture make it hard to discover your passion. Some of us grew up pursuing things or jobs that we were made to do. I have friends that were not happy working in certain spheres or offices because it's not their passion. Once they came out from their parent's or guardian's control and supervision and got some financial backing, that's when they pursued what they love to do!

Of course, this will come as a shock and lead to talks like, "Oh, he or she is ungrateful. Or as a parent, I know better but he or she wouldn't listen to me."


My Past Merged With My Present

I'm lucky because one of my passions is literature. My Dad saw this when I was very young and tried within his power to encourage and support me. He started by buying me books and making me read them. After reading, he would sit with me and discuss them. Reading became an integral part of me. It became my passion, a form of expression and growth of my mind.

I always have a book with me everywhere I go and with the popularity of digital formats, I make sure to load my e-library with some of the books that I can't get in paperback or hardcover. They are my treasure. Reading helped me a lot as I started to write fiction and poetry as well, another form of expression. I can't go a day without reading something. Hive makes this passion more fun for me!

Another passion I have is cooking and baking! I did these a lot when I had some time in my hands some years back. I bought some cookbooks and experimented. I love to try new dishes to spice up my menu at home and keep the dining table interesting. Lately, I have not had time to do any baking but I'm planning to resume this passion soon.

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My Future

The second question has an additional baby question which says: What would you like to be passionate about? There are some things I would love to be passionate about and they are contained in my bucket list. I have an insatiable curiosity for new knowledge which I believe can be acquired via travelling.

I love to travel but haven't done so in ages! I love adventures too. So visiting some interesting places like heritage sites all over the world is a passion I really would want to pursue. It's unlikely at the moment because of my job and family commitments. But if I ever get the opportunity, I would pack my bags and get on the road!

Travelling and adventures are intertwined and they are a great way to live a fulfilling life. I see people who have travelled far and wide as fulfilled because they have seen things, met people of different tribes and cultures. They have learned a lot along the way and their perspective is always different and enlightening than people who don't travel.

Hopefully, I get to pursue these passions soon enough and perhaps write about my adventures someday!

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What are your passions? Will you love to share them? Check out the Ladies Of Hive Community Contest #134 and participate.

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