Ladies of Hive; Contest #151


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Greetings Lovely Ladies.

I'm having an amazing week that's sadly coming to an end. I'm sure it is joyous on your side too.

How has joining Ladies of Hive benefitted you?

To answer this question is to be brutally honest. When I joined the ladies of the hive community, I didn't feel like being a part of it. Yet, something inside of me longed for the community at the same time. I remained in the background for a while, just observing because I was afraid.


I'm sure that's what you are thinking right now. You must be thinking, ‘This is a community of amazing women from all walks of life coming together to have fun, share life’s journey, and just be there for one another.’ All that is amazingly true and that in fact, is exactly what scared me at first.

For me, the community felt so surreal. It is like looking at all these beautiful faces everywhere you turn and hearing them say, “It is okay. You can breathe now. You are home.” I was afraid to immerse myself in all that sweetness. I was afraid to let it all out and be vulnerable. I was afraid to be seen.

Ladies of Hive community feels like the sweet granny who hides candy and deserts in her apron for all the kids to savor later during bedtime stories. It is that judgment-free zone where you can unwind and let your guard down. Being here has taught me a great deal. I've learned that I have a voice and I can be seen and heard too. I can share my life and experiences without having that awkward feeling of being exposed. Most of all, knowing that there is an entire tribe of women whom I can draw knowledge from, like a well is pure bliss.

If I were to be the LOH judge this week, I would ask these questions;

  • If you've noticed any pattern with the women in your lineage, do you ever wonder if your life is a reflection of all those women? Do you act the way you do because you are a product of these women?

It gives me goosebumps to think that in my DNA, I carry a long line of generations. To think that my ancestors are within me is just nuts. Recently I read a post on social media that explained how every woman is born with all the eggs she’ll ever have. This goes to say that while my grandmother was carrying my mother, I was also present within her. Forgive the digression but I just wanted to throw in that for background. So perhaps you act the way you do because it is in the bloodline or maybe not. Hehe!

  • What is that change you want to see? There must be something in your community that you find lacking or a problem that you feel needs to be addressed. If you had the opportunity to become an agent of change today, what would you do in your community?

I ask this because most times, we are good at identifying problems within our immediate environment. However, little effort is put in place to address the same problems. Should we always wait for authorities or do the little we can?

  • Some traits, habits, and behavioral patterns are termed generational cycles. They keep showing up repeatedly from one generation to another. What is that ugly generational trait that you swore would end with you?

Oops. I've asked three questions already. Okay! I'll stop now.

This is my entry to the Ladies of Hive Community Contest #151

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