Ladies of Hive Community Contest; #126

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These questions of the week by @thekittygirl remind me of a book titled, Men are from Mars Women are from Venus by John Gray. It suggests that men and women are from entirely different planets. We've only come to earth to coexist. I consider this a very funny metaphor, however, plausible when it comes to understanding the differences between men and women. The way men and women are wired differently, you would start to believe we do not come from the same planet.

1️⃣ But, really, would this work, a society of all women? —(barring, of course, the reproductive concerns of keeping our civilization in existence) — Could women live and work together in peace, building each other up? Or would basic human nature interfere and create rivalries and contention? What do you think?

“Men are wired differently. Women are nurtured differently. We don't think the same,” people often say.

Yes, all that is true. But that's what we did to ourselves. The way I imagine it, some perhaps pre-historic humans sat down around a fireplace in a stone cave to decide the fate of man. They made up a set of rules and concluded that men and women must be nurtured differently according to those rules. If not, it often bugs me how we managed to accept certain societal standards for both sexes after a very long time.

I do not believe that there can be any society without rivalry and competition. Women and men are humans first before anything else, and as such these vices would remain constant in society. However, the manner of resolve is the most important factor that comes to play.

I think women are very much capable of living together in harmony. We've got all the spices and juices to create a thriving planet. The truth is, women have always been capable of holding it down with less help from the opposite sex. We have so much power than we've allowed ourselves the privilege. Women naturally have the spirit of community and togetherness. One that loves to encourage, nurture and help others grow. It fills our souls and makes our heart dance.

Hence, in a society devoid of men, I believe women are capable of soaring in their element. It would be as though we've all been given a pair of wings and the sky becomes ours. Of course, as, humans, factors like rivalry and jealousy would come to play. However, I believe that most of the rivalry between women has always been tilted toward the attention of men. So with the men gone, I think it wouldn't be a mean type of rivalry, it would be a healthy competition that seeks to lift every woman. It would be a tribe of sisters.

2️⃣ And, conversely, would it work to have a society of all men? —(barring, again, the reproductive concerns of keeping that civilization in existence) — Could men live and work together in peace, building each other up? Or would basic human nature interfere and create rivalries and contention? What do you think?

I also believe that men are capable of upholding a world without women. I asked my husband what he thought about a world without women in it. He had a very interesting reply for me. He said, and I quote;

“A world with just men would work. Men would live in peace and harmony. However, the competition would be much more fierce. Why? Because although women can be a source of strength and inspiration, women are also the soft spot of men. They are the breath of fresh air that forces you to slow down and appreciate the finer things of life. With them gone, there would be nothing left but just headstrong ambition.”

I took in all of that and truly imagined a world of men without us women. They'd indeed be forced to sit up and look after themselves more. The way I see it, it would be a little awakening for the male folks to be a better version of themselves than the platter the world has served them.

3️⃣ Which society would have the best chance of survival? And why?

I think a world full of women would have the best chance of survival because of a single reason. It is easy for a woman to take up both roles of the sexes when it is inevitable. However, I cannot say the same for a man.

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