Ladies of Hive Community Contest; 112


It is already time for another Ladies of Hive Community Contest and I'm especially excited about this one.

2️⃣ Since gifts are given at this time of year, or any time of year, what would you like to receive if you could choose your gift, and why?

I'm not sure why I do that but most times, when I think about gifts, I imagine attractive neatly wrapped boxes with cute bows on them. I think that has stunned me right from childhood.

I always got gifts of clothes, toys, and even money as a child. Perhaps it is the reason that I thought gifts are always in the form of parcels.

Now that I've grown much older. I've realized that gifts can truly be anything. As long as it is what a person's heart desires. I do not believe in random gifts. I believe gifts should be personalized or customized even. This means that I wouldn't just stroll down to a gift shop and grab anything my eye catches. Rather, I would sit and think about the likes, needs, and wants of a person. Then in my way, I'll try to meet them no matter how little or generous. I believe that's the way to touch a person's heart. After all, isn't that what giving is all about? Showing love?

In the same spirit of giving, that's exactly the way I would love to be treated. If I could choose my own gift right now, what I would love is a ‘help’. Yes, a really big help. Now, I don't want a person all wrapped in a package and delivered to my doorstep. I cringed and laughed at the thought of that.

You see, I'm a first-time mum to the most amazing nine months old. He's a gem and I thank God every day for this gift. I am miles away from friends and family. It is just my husband and I trying to raise a family. Between work, raising a home and all that life has to throw at you, many days can be overwhelming. I just want to go out there and grab some air.

lovely right? I know.

So I would really appreciate that help as a gift.

I want someone to come over and give me a big hand. For a day or two, I want to have that break. I don't want to worry about taking care of anything. I just want to relax and be taken care of.

Since it's the season of giving. The spirit in the air is of joy, laughter, and merriment. It is contagious. No matter what holiday you are celebrating right now, you can't help but be consumed by all that's going on. Everyone is beaming with what ticks. Children get to have their imaginary tales with Santa, fairies, and what have you? Mums can have “the help” too.

Someone that would sneak in at night and do everything that needs to be done. This help can come with their little minions. While the help is at it, their minions can come in, sprinkle me with glowing dust of beautiful dreams and deep sleep, then give me a good massage while I dream away. Special attention to my shoulders and back...hmmh.I can feel the weight lifting already. Hehe! When they are done they leave a sweet smell of their presence lingering in the air. Then I would wake up the next morning feeling gorgeous with not a single worry in the world. I hope this one made you smile.

If wishes were horses...


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