I cannot live without it; LOH Community Contest #97

Photo by Shrikeshmaster on Pixabay.

1️⃣ What’s something you could teach me about?

When I read this question, I spent moments pondering about what it is that I can teach someone. I mean we all have ample knowledge about many things and aspects of life. Some relative while others unique. I smiled and said, “oh! I know what I can teach and very well at that. I could even set up a whole workshop for it. I can teach people how to drink water and mind their business.

Haha. Honestly though, I think this is a great skill that's lacking in our society right now. Too many people with opinions and unsolicited advice.

I'm tempted but I will dodge this question like a candy lover painfully passing a box of treats.

2️⃣ What’s the most useful thing you own?

I am not even going to think further on this one. I could easily say it is the blender in my kitchen. That old buddy has seen me through thick and thin. Even when I was mean and rough with it. It still stayed with me. On my paste, juice, and grain days, it was loyal and still is. It never left me like the others did. It didn't break down or shut down. It lives. My hero.

My blender is so dear to me but the most useful thing I own is my mobile device. Ever since I lost my computer it's been my ride or die. I began to realize that the iPhone is blessed with features and does an incredible amount of functions, you'd be amazed. It is a gift to the tech world. It quickly became my organizer. Now, it's my money-making machine, alarm, notes, messenger and a lot more. I pay my bills and I do virtually everything with it. I even blog on it and without it, I am toast. That's my link to the world. My apps look crazy like this and more.

Also, do not take away my internet. That combination (phone +internet) is the secret recipe to my thriving waking days. It is not an addiction but when I don't have them, it is like I am going crazy.

This is my entry to the #97th edition of the Ladies of Hive Community Contest. I invite @balikis to participate. I hope it’s not late for you dear.

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