Brown thumbed gardener

I love gardening. I enjoy gardening. I dream of being a gardener that has at least 50% of food consumed coming from the garden. But in reality, I grow maybe a chili here and an okra there, mint for maybe a month and just like that, nothing grows. And that's how I know I am a brown thumbed gardener.

This year I will have to change that. Maybe I will get a yellow thumbed gardener badge this year. I am changing what I grow and where I grow them.

It is summer now and probably not the best time to grow anything in the balcony. And since I have had some success with keeping a Sansevena Cylindrica snake plant alive indoor, that's what I will be doing with the plants I want to grow, keep them indoors until seasons change.

In the past I have gotten carried away and would probably get more plants than I had space for and time for. But now, it's one plant at a time.

The plant that got me thinking of plants again. The Sansevena Cylindrica snake plant. I think I have had this for over 6 months now. It has been repotted since this photo was taken.



Grow what you eat and eat what you grow.

Yes, the spring onions looks a little sad at the moment. I'm being optimistic. I must admit I use the green onions once a week for my cooking. I should remember to water everyday, since this is in the balcony right now.


Rooting some rosemary from store bought rosemary sprigs.


Rooting some cuban oregano.



Mint from the nursery.


I hope to keep them alive and thriving this summer. And hopefully, I will add a plant at a time till my thumb turns green 😊

All images are my own and have been photographed by me.

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