The winter olympics bring back volleybal memories

The past couple of weeks have been all about the winter olympics with all sports in them. In other editions I would be watching all of these things, especially the snow sports. But this year I hardly watched anything for no good reason. I guess your taste changes over the years, or you just don't feel like it anymore.

The 'Ladies of Hive community question' totally adds on this one.


This was one of the topics from this week, and this is exactly how things are and have changed.

"Are your hobbies different now than when you were a child or teenager?

Have you kept one or more hobbies all through your life?

Tell us about them! Why do they satisfy you?"

For as long as I could remember I used to play volleybal. Would you think about Karin, you would think about someone who is building her time around playing her sports. Training, doing extra training with other teams, and giving training to other teams...all the elements were there.

We had nice teams with awesome inspiring trainers. It never felt like a chore, it was always fun. Doing a team sport in general is just super fun. You share so many moments with your teamies it almost feels like family.

If there would be an illness in someones family, or if someones relationship had ended, we were all there for that person as a team. Vacations would be build around the weekend when we didn't have competition. It was more than just playing a sport or working a hobby, there was a way of lifestyle in there.


In the summers we played beach volleybal, playing competition at the sea which isn't really next to here but always a 200 km drive. Those weekend were even more fun with playing outdoors in the sun, camping with groups of people and just playing beahc volleybal in general.

The game is very much different for those who don't know. With just two players in the field the whole tactics make it a different game, and also the techniques which are used to play are different.

And heck yeah, beach volleybal gets you in an awesome shape while running through the sand all day hahaha.


So am I playing this game now still? The answer is no

At a certain point I just decided it was my last season (also because I moved away) and the weird thing is I never looked back. Even though I had so damn much fun in all of these years of playing, I don't miss it for one second.

Not entirely true, if I would say there is one thing that I miss it is having this determination for something. To know you will dig up this ball all the way in nomansland, and eventually you do. The mindset was good with this sport, and that is something I miss not putting it into something anymore.

But spending all of those hours in gyms all across the country. That is just something of the past. But yes, in my heart I will always continue to be a volleybalplayer.

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