The subtle art of debating

If you would ask me, my favorite location to do this would be at a round table with around 6 people, a good glass of wine and some snacks on the side. Music would be playing in the background and no one should be afraid to say anything that they feel they would be judged on. I guess we would even sit outside to get some inspiration from all what is passing by.


Discussing or debating has come in such a bad daylight over the last couple of years and I really to believe this is because of two things. Arrogance and the interwebz.

The interwebz realize lets people believe that an opinion is stated as a truth. The same thing is happening here as you are reading my blog. You are reading this as if I am stating a truth, but the fact is my opinion and nothing more. It might be an opinion with a lot of untruths in there even. that is the thing. You don't know that.

And that is were the arrogance comes in. When you are to stubborn (which to me often goes hand in hand with arrogance) to see through the opinion and not have an open mind for a side route...that is the death of discussion.

Debating or discussion should not always end with that everyones ends up with the same opinion. It should end with material to think about and later on form a next opinion if you ask me. Discussion isn't stating your truth and not listening to someones elses anymore. I think you see this really good currently with the vaccine debate. It almost seems either you are pro or are against, and that there is nothing in between.


Maybe that is something we should respect from each other. That it is okay to agree to disagree but that you at least try to understand the opinion from the party on the other side. Understanding doesn't have to be agreeing, but damn people..make the effort.

So coming to the topic on what the favorite topic is to discuss about, I guess that is challenging. I guess the rules for dating come in here, what not to mention on a first date night :D

Politics, religion and asking about ones previous relationships are number one non debatable topics on a first date. But I guess when you are with a group of friends who know each other well, and respect each other, this should be possible right?

So those are actually the things that I do like to discuss with my friends, because I respect them and I know that they will not give judgemental answer but are mostly trying to broaden the view.

Amongst people who you respect no topic should be too big to discuss. But the key to everything is listening and letting the words from the other party sink in.


What happened to us that we all became internet heroes all of a sudden. That we decided that it wasn't important anymore to listen what the other one has to say? That we decided that shouting our own opinion was enough to kill the opinion of the party across the table.

I really want to get back to round table discussions with multiple people again, even if it would mean a whole night of listening for me. Spoken word...that is what I miss in debate.

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