Passions make the heart grow fonder

When I think about the days back in dating time, I always have to think about how much I hated it. Presenting yourself a the good version of yourself. In a job interview that doens't matter so much, in a job you are and have to be the good version of yourself, but in a relationship you don't have to be. The truth will always come out eventually.

One of the things this always came back to was when talking about hobbies and passions. 'What do you consider your hobby, what makes you happy, what are you truly passionate about'

This is exactly what the Ladies of Hive question of the week #90 is all about


And the true and honest answer to this is that I don't really have any real passions. A passion to me is something you can always pick up during the day, always like to do, tell people about super enthusiastically, and try to get people to join you in your passion.

When I think about mine in that case? There really aren't any. Sure, I like to play the piano every now and then, I like the concept of getting better at it. Maybe because I think of it in a romantic kind of way of playing something nice and peole are singing along, in a kumbajaa kind of setting. But I don't have the super drive to actually get there. So I play casually but will not call it my passion.

Another potential passion of mine would be my dog. Yeah dog is a hotty and he is the coolest in town. But would you call your hubby your passion as well? Or would you call your kids your passion? These are the members of your household so no...I will not call them my passion (even though hubby and doggo are the best ones around)


So back to the whole idea that you need to have a passion. To me this is the same when people start talking about how they are so ambitious. Being ambitious is not a bad thing, but when you see how often this takes over someones drive consuming all around, often I wouldn't call it a healthy thing. The same is with passion.

If you are playing a sport 6 times a week (which I did yeaaaaars back) I wouldn't call it a passion anymore, then you are doing something do make you strive further to eventually become better.

But uhh...when you are in the horror of dating and meeting people. Please do say that you are ambitious and are passionate about everything you do. If you don't, you are making a statement and no one wants that. But eventually it will come out from all sides that we all are not ambitious and passionate ;)

And will be okay again.

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