Nature and how to stay in it

Nature, the one that is often the closest by, but the one that is the least appreciated. Today I am just happy to write about the ability to enjoy some outside time, even though travel is really an option to totally explore. I am so much more of an outdoor person than I intiatlly always had thought about, and how this last year has evolved in covid times, makes it even more clear.

This topic is coming from the 'Ladies of HIVE' community, who are always on the hunt for cool topics, which more than often suit me, or at least give something to think or to write about. It is a cool community, so might as well step in one this was as you are a friend of nature. Why not to join in this weeks question:

In these times of restricted movement for so many people, how are you ensuring you get out and appreciate nature?

Sunrise, sunrise, everything is so clear when the sun has just risen

For me the answer is the most easiest one. I get into nature this much currently, only because I have a dog. Yes, if I wouldnt have this animal I would also go for walks and being outdoors, but clearly not that much as I do now. And the more time you spend in there, the more chances you have of seeing the wonders everywhere.

If not for having this animal, I surely would not step outside at sunrise before work to walk and see al these kinds of things. I would not see foxes walking around at night, I would see deers in the morning passing by, because otherwise I would not be outside at these times.

I would surely go walking around lakes, but I would not spend so much time in the forests. The dog likes forests because they are not that sunny, and are more cool and it prevents him from overheating.


With walking in forests I always thought more of mountain scenery which we clearly dont have here in Holland aka the flattest country on earth. But just next door there are also super cool woods were squirrls are the boss, and woodpeckers define the accoustic.

And nature ofcourse is something that is so broad. Normally with nature we think about areas with miles and miles with nothing, but also here in overcrowded Holland (I disagree on this honestly) there is enough space and green to still get a gigantic nature fix and learn about the world. You just have to make the effort of going outside for a tiny bit.

Even when going to to ocean this just feels like endless freedom with a westcoast that will also give you the most fantastic sunsets every evening.


I also love citylife for the convenienve. Public transport, take away food and the hussle and bussle life. But nature is the spot where I truly don't mind to be in by myself and just hoover there. Correction, hoover around with the dog that is.

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