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A couple of questions to ponder from the @ladiesofhive community...

1️⃣ What is the most important thing that you ALWAYS carry with you, and why?


2️⃣ Are you a leader person or a follower, and why do you think that is?

For the first question, not necessarily proud of it, but I must say it is the mobile phone. With just about everything sitting on it, it does make life a little easier, at home and out. Here's a typical day of my phone and I:-

My Alarm Clock
There are a few alarms set and they each have a positive message set to them, so I read them for some feel good as I turn them off... or snooze.

My Music/Podcast Hub
Spotify spins my music and plays my favourite podcasts. So there's Earth, Wind & Fire to Gary Vee. Sometimes it's in my pocket, as I walk around getting my chores done.

My Camera
It captures all my pics and videos no matter where I am. And because the phone is always with me, it is easy to capture whatever I need or want.

My Reminders
I set them in my calendar, and it alerts me of birthdays and anniversaries, to prep for LadiesofHive contests, the kids' stuff, events, even my shopping list.

My Emergency Food
When I am not at home to cook, or even if I am and can't for whatever reason, I order food delivery.

My Entertainment Hub
Social media, can't live with it with, can't live without. It's a great source of entertainment and information. I am mostly on them to consume.
Except for Hive, then consume and create. Even though I do prefer the laptop for this, but I know if I am out and about, I could still get on.

My Wallet
My e-wallet and QR pay has saved me many a time when I realise I have no cash on me. Now more than ever with most stores already adopting cashless payments.

My Tracker ;p
These days, we need to check in everywhere we go and there's an app for it. So, it is just whipping it out and scanning the QR code.

My Communicator
Calls and messages, all come through my phone. We have a landline, but I can't remember the last time it rang or we used it. My kids know how to get in touch with me, and I made sure of this from a very young age. For this alone my phone is always close lest there's some sort of emergency but of course, they are also prepped to call the dad. Still they always call me first because they know I will answer no matter what (unlike their dad).
Not just the kids but also my dad.

My Navigator
I might have become a little dependent on Waze which takes me to all the places I've never been without me having to study a map first or winding down my window to ask a stranger.

My What-Not!!
From apps to polish and edit my pics and videos to fitness and calculator, to audiobooks - everything is just at my fingertips thanks to the mobile.

I'm pretty sure I have left out a few things but all that I've mentioned is enough to convince me that I am just way to dependent on my phone. Having said that, I have forgotten my phone at home and survived it. As long as I know where it is and it's not lost, I am okay not having my phone for short periods of time :D

But if it isn't a physical thing, then the one thing I ALWAYS carry with me is "gratitude". This has helped ground my busy, worried mind. It also helps me when things don't go my way. When I catch myself spiralling too fast and far down the rabbithole, I turn on the gratitude feels and in time, like magic it lifts me up and calms me down ;D


The second question of being a leader or a follower, I gave it a think and I'd say I'm an adapter. I've been both a leader and a team player.

And having been on both sides, I try to be what I expected of the other. But of course, people and situations are different, there is no cookie-cutter behavior for either and so I just adapt to the roles based on the people so we can get results.

Hey, did these questions get you thinking? Then come share with us for I'd love to know if the mobile phone has also got you ;p. Click on THIS to find out how :D

I do appreciate your time & being part of my story <33

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