Visitation to Zanzibar's historic prison island #183

Hi my fellow ladies 😊 hope you're all having a nice day.

This was where i took my last picture during my visitation to the the historical zanzibar's prison island which is located in Tanzania. It was a sponsored trip by the company that was interested in my fashion design works and i was invited over to tanzania to discuss their interests in my fashion design business.

While i was there I had the opportunity to explore the well known Prison Island, also known as Changuu Island whisch is Swahili name for fish. I got to know this also while exploring the island and also i get to know a little history about the island and how it was used as a prison for slaves during the years of colonial Masters when slave trade was still active here in africa.

Upon arriving at the island, I was instantly amazed by its natural beauty and also the body of water surrounding the island. As I try to follow my friend around, I stumbled upon the former prison buildings, which have been transformed into art museum showcasing local artwork and historical artifacts. Inside the art museum, I was amazed by the creativity and talent of local artists and what came to my mind instantly was to take pictures and obviously i did

Beyond the museum, i also get to move closer to the island's surroundings to get a view of the ocean and i found a perfect spot to take a picture because people were not that much there and i wasn't shy to do that. The view from there is amazing and i made sure i didn't get to the edge of where i plan to take the picture because i know I'm not a good swimmer just in case i fell into the water.

A visitation to zanzibar's prison island is not completed without visiting the tortoise sanctuary and that's what I learnt before leaving the place and that was the last spot i visited on the island and i get to take picture with a very large turtle and I'm sure it probably weighs more than me

Overall, me visiting Zanzibar's prison island was a memorable journey filled with history, art and nature at its finest. It was a unique opportunity to understand the history behind the island while also enjoying what it has become as of recent. And not to forget, i also tried coconut water for the very first time and i really enjoyed the taste to the fullest and i wish I could taste it all Day.

Thanks for reading 🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷✨✨✨✨✨

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