My emergency call number(#86)

I am sure everyone has been in a situation where they needed help urgently and of course have got to put a call across to someone whom they believe in their abilities to help them out. I am not left out. I have been in this situation a lot of times and I have that one person who have always listened to me and helped me out as well. Without hesitation I just pour out my heart knowing fully well that I have a steady 911 number I call, or best put as: my emergency call number.


I also want to use this moment to appreciate this special person in my life. And that person is my beloved husband. I am not going to do the lovey-dovey thing here but just maybe if someone does nice things for you, you should appreciate the person at all times right? So let me use this medium to say thank you to my husband for always coming through for me.

Ever since I met my husband, he has been a friend and a strong supporter to me. One time when we were still friends, I was in a situation that I needed help. It was my final year in the university and a particular lecturer wanted to frustrate me simply because he made advances and i refused. He gave me low grades which I knew was not cool because I studied hard for that course and even with my eyes closed, I knew that course was a walk over for me. And to add, failing that course meant coming back again the following year to rewrite the exams and paying another school fees. So I got troubled and this my friend turned hubby asked me to get his phone number. Well, I did and he called the lecturer. He pretended to be a top government official and asked him why he gave low grades to his sister. I was present the day that call was made. I remember vividly how my lecturer was stuttering on the phone and apologized for his actions. When I saw my last result, I had a B on that course.


Till date whenever I remember that incident, I just become more grateful to him. If I had failed that 4 unit course, I wouldn't have graduated the year I did. And I would have been so heartbroken. My husband has proven himself worthy of my trust over and over again.

Sometimes when I am in a difficult situation and need to make a choice, I just tell him and relax because I know that the end result will be great. He has always supported me and helped me in a lot of things that was so difficult for me to handle.

So this is me saying, thank you my honey for being my support system all these years. I love you forever.

Thank you #ladiesofhive for giving me an opportunity to appreciate my special person.

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