Ladies of HIVE Community Contest #86 || SISTER's LOVE

Living in this world of uncertainties, God had sent us help through others.

It could be a friend, a relative, your mother or father, or even your siblings.

When I read this week's LOH Question #68 asking, Who is the first person you would call when you are in trouble?, I was thinking of my sister, Jennisa. When we were still kids, I remember that we were inseparable. We went to school together, and wait for each other after classes to go home together with our youngest brother. Though I'm the eldest, my younger sister used to protect me from anyone who would try to fight or bully me. I was a shy-typed of kid that could remain silent sitting, writing, and listening to my teacher for hours. I was not used to talking unless someone would throw a question at me. That's why I always got the most behaved ribbon at the end of the school year during elementary. So between the two of us, I'm the weak and she's the strong one. She was even bigger and taller as we grow up and was mostly mistaken as my elder sister. Our parents, especially my father would always remind her to watch over me. So growing up, I was being so dependent on my sister.

We had some fights too. But ours was only "cold wars". It means we don't talk to each other when we have fights, which very seldom happens also. A trait that we've got from our parents whenever the two of them had some misunderstanding.

There were times, not a single one but many times that I travel alone in an unfamiliar place and got me confused about which way I would go or what to do, I would just call her. And I remember her giving instructions over the phone. She always finds ways to help even if she's working.

She was also the one scolding me when I had my first heartbroken. We were eating at that time and I was crying, tears falling as I ate. And she told me to never cry like a foolish guy.

Now that I have my own family, whenever I had some problems, especially in the financial aspect, she was still the only person that I could count on.

My sister never fail to let me feel that I was truly loved by her. I can feel it even if we were far away. Even if we seldom talk or chat to each other.

But something had happened. She had been diagnosed with PCOS but had given birth to a premature baby. Causing her to spend a lot of her savings after her caesarian and made some debts after she lost her job because of bankruptcy. She went to our parent's home with her baby. I know it was the best time to pay back all the favors she did to me. But I could hardly give her enough money to pay all her bills. And I was aching inside seeing her crying sometimes, whenever we went home. Knowing I can't do everything for her. So I prayed to God for help. This time for my sister. Since I can't supply all her needs, financially, I began comforting her, giving her hope. That someday she will get over it. That everything happens for a reason and purpose. That God gave this kind of problem to her because God wants her to learn something. I was the one making her strong, emotionally whenever she said she was tired already. Reminding her that her situation will not last forever and to be strong for her son.

Now, God had answered our prayers. She was able to get a high-paying online job and was paying her debts. I can sense her happiness now whenever we talked on the phone. I can hear her laughter and that's all I wanted.

Love lots,

I would like to invite @wittyzell to join this week's contest.

Thank you @silversaver888 for this week's question. Good luck on choosing the winners, cause there's a lot of beautiful post I read. 🥰

All the photos above are all mine.

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